“I eat heart and liver” ↔ “Now carrot yum yum” → “Extremely extreme diet” fans are bewildered

Manchester City Erling Holland, who was causing a sensation in the English Premier League last October, said this in an interview.

“I eat animal hearts and livers.”

Fans were shocked by this statement. It’s understandable how surprised he was when he revealed that he eats the liver and heart of cows and sheep, which most people don’t eat.

According to articles at the time, the media described his diet as bizarre. His diet was revealed in ‘Haaland: Big Decision,’ a documentary about Holland produced by The Sun.

He eats the ‘heart’ of a cow or sheep to replenish his 6000 calories a day. In fact, it’s even more bizarre to say it’s a heart, but in Korean, it’s ‘heartache’. If you go to Yangdaechangjip, this is a menu served as a service. Of course, British people don’t eat this.

Holland eats heart and liver. He did not reveal how to cook and eat it, but it is assumed that he will not eat it raw like in Korea. 슬롯사이트

Fans are bewildered as Holland is now caught eating carrots deliciously.

The Sun, on the 18th, ‘Why does Holland always eat carrots? Fans go hysterical after realizing the Manchester City star’s bizarre habits.

Fans have noticed that Holland is a ‘machine’ that munches carrots. As Haaland entered the training ground, he opened the window to sign autographs for fans, holding a carrot in his hand.

Did Holland eat vitamin A-rich carrots because he needed a healthy snack? It seems that the secret has not yet been revealed. This is because the media is not giving the exact reason.

It seems that Holland has been caught eating carrots not once or twice. In another photo, he is holding a carrot in one hand while driving.

So one fan said, “Maybe the trick is to eat a whole carrot to become a great player like Haaland.” Of course, it’s a joke, but it seems that Holland, who was a carnivore, thought that eating carrots was a strange diet like eating ‘heart’.

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