“I feel great anger”→Truck demonstration in progress… Kwon Soon-chan’s resignation, Heungkuk Life’s fans moved

Fans of Heungkuk Life Insurance, angry at the hardship of director Kwon Soon-chan, took to the truck demonstration.

Heungkuk Life Insurance fans will hold a truck demonstration starting from the Taekwang Industrial Jangchung Headquarters at 8 am on the 6th, to Heungkuk Life Insurance Gwanghwamun Headquarters, and to the Sangam-dong area at 7 pm. The protest stemmed from the hardening of manager Kwon Soon-chan, who raised Heungkuk Life Insurance from 6th place last season to 2nd place.

Fans of Heungkuk Life Insurance said, “As recently revealed, the owner of Heungkuk Life Insurance (parent company Taekwang Group) exercised his authority, such as ordering the appointment of a specific type of player by text message under the direction of the chairman.” During that time, there was a situation where the director was sacked for an unclear reason.”

“As we watched the process of revealing the background of the manager’s hardship and hardening, many professional women’s volleyball fans and Heungkuk Life Insurance fans felt great anger at the behavior of the parent company Taekwang Group,” he said. The meaning was gathered that it was natural that the behavior should be corrected, and fans who agreed to this decided to speak out through the truck protest.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance sacked manager Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd. Taekwang Group Chairman Lee Ho-jin had a lot of dissatisfaction with manager Kwon Soon-chan’s selection of players and game management. In response, Chairman Lee Ho-jin tried to intervene in the recruitment of players and game management of Heungkuk Life Insurance through general manager Kim Yeo-il, but when coach Kwon Soon-chan did not move, he pulled out his sword.

Shin Yong-jun, the new general manager, had time to explain before the GS Caltex match on the 5th. General Manager Shin Yong-jun said, “There was a conflict over management rather than player appointments” as the reason for the resignation of coach Kwon Soon-chan and general manager Kim Yeo-il, and said, “We did not agree on the rotation issue.” However, it seems that this was not true.

After the game ended on the 5th, ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung and Kim Hae-ran pointed out the intervention of Lee Gu-dong-seong’s high-ranking club 토토. Kim Hae-ran mentioned a case she experienced herself, and Kim Yeon-kyung also revealed, “It is true that there was talk about Ki-yong. There were also cases where I lost (due to intervention) after playing the game as I wanted a few times.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance fans who took part in the truck demonstration said, “The fans sincerely hope that this protest will help improve the uncorrupted management of the Heungkuk Life Insurance team.” I hope for a healthy revival of women’s volleyball. That’s why, when the current V-League match is lost, fans are not disappointed with Heungkuk Life Insurance players. Fans look at the players who do their best in every game even in adverse circumstances. Rather, it is gaining a lot of strength,” he added.

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