I really like Kim Min-jae…”Kim Min-jae, it’s like running on the moon!” praise again

Antonio Cassano praised Kim Min-jae again.

Cassano recently appeared on Bobo TV, a channel run by Italian legend Cristian Vieri, and talked about Naples. ‘Bobo TV’ is a name derived from Vieri’s nickname during his active career, ‘Bobo’.

It was strange that there was no praise for Napoli. Napoli currently lead the Italian Serie A and have proven themselves to be a competitive team by putting up outstanding performances against other rivals. Napoli have not lost a game this season to AS Roma, Lazio, AC Milan and Juventus, except for a 0-1 loss away to Inter Milan. Napoli is continuing the atmosphere with a 3-0 win over Spezia recently.

After the match against Spezia, Cassano said: “It’s the most surprising move in years. Better than Leicester City, who won the most difficult league in the world, or Kaiserslautern, who won the title upon promotion. Looking back over the past 30 years, Napoli’s progress has been It’s amazing, Napoli were expected to finish fourth, as most of the key players have left the team, Victor Osimen, who has been playing very well this season, has been through a lot of injuries, and Stanislav Lobotka, who has not been able to play very often. He was a player,” he said, saying that Napoli’s move was surprising. 안전놀이터

Cassano continued: “Coach Luciano Spalletti is doing something unique. He is currently playing the most beautiful football in Europe with great players. In just a few years, such an amazing team has appeared.”

There was also praise for Kim Min-jae. Cassano praised Kim Min-jae, saying, “Kim Min-jae was like playing on the moon. As Cassano said, Kim Min-jae has been playing a key role in the championship competition since joining Napoli ahead of this season as a key defender for the team.

This is not the first time Cassano has praised Kim Min-jae. Cassano has acknowledged Kim Min-jae’s performance several times before, saying that he made him forget the existence of Coulibaly.

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