“I was surprised by the aggressive recruitment”… Ha-sung Kim’s SD, 3rd place in the opening game power rankings

The opening of the American Major League is approaching.

On the 28th (Korean time), the US’MLB.com’ announced the power ranking ahead of the opening game, saying, “It is finally time for the season to begin. Baseball is back.”

The Houston Astros ranked #1 by MLB.com. Houston won the World Series last season by defeating the Philadelphia Phillies. After Houston, the Atlanta Braves came in second. The New York Mets, who ranked second in the power rankings last January, stayed in fifth.

Third place was occupied by the San Diego Padres. San Diego invested a lot ahead of this season. He signed an 11-year, $280 million (approximately 364.5 billion won) contract with Xander Bogatz. Roberto Suarez, Seth Lugo, Michael Waka, Matt Carpenter and Nelson Cruz also wore San Diego uniforms.

Darvish Yu signed a 6-year, 108 million dollar (approximately 140.6 billion won) contract extension, and Manny Machado signed an 11-year, 350 million dollar (approximately 455.7 billion won) contract extension. Fernando Tatis Jr., who was suspended for taking prohibited drugs, will also be suspended a few weeks after the start of the season. 바카라사이트

‘MLB.com’ said, “It was unfortunate that we lost to Philadelphia in the National League Championship Series last season. However, San Diego beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Division Series.” “After that, I brought Bogarts, one of the best free agents,” he said.

Then, ‘MLB.com’ said, “San Diego has signed an 11-year contract extension with Machado. A few weeks after the season opens, Tatis returns. They also have Juan Soto.” . Their fans are benefiting.”

San Diego will embark on a journey starting with a home game against the Colorado Rockies on the 31st. It is challenging for the first championship in 17 years since the last championship in the National League West Division in 2006.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Pirates, where Bae Ji-hwan and Choi Ji-man are active, stayed at 26th in the power rankings.

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