‘Jang Jeong-seok back money scandal’ KIA, FA & trade shrinks… Presidential challenge ‘bad news’

 For KIA, it is not simply limited to this case. It can be a bit of a burden in the future.

On the 29th, KIA suddenly dismissed general manager Jang Jeong-seok. This is because it was revealed that he asked for back money during contract negotiations with Park Dong-won. The intention or tone of former director Jang Jeong-seok is not important. Remarks about back money are an act that destroys the foundation of professional sports, where fairness and justice are the lifeblood.

KIA is expected to enter an emergency system in effect. It is not easy to appoint a new leader in a short period of time. Of course, since there is CEO Choi Joon-young and there are team leaders for each part, there is no big problem with the club’s business from the outside. However, in the process of taking care of and handling various big pending issues, I was burdened. 안전놀이터

In particular, future movements in the free agency or trade market could be a bit of a burden. Of course, urgent tasks can be supervised by the operation and strategic planning parts. However, even if a new manager comes in the future, it cannot be ruled out that the club will lose some trust in the industry for the time being due to the former manager’s back-money situation. There is already a growing suspicion that former general manager Jang asked for money only from Park Dong-won.

KIA must immediately set up a negotiation table with Kim Sun-bin in the 2023-2024 FA market. He is a veteran who can hold the center of the infield, so he must be retained. In the process of challenging the presidency in the long term, it is absolutely necessary to reinforce power through trade. This year’s spring camp and exhibition games showed the potential of young players to burst, but the exact truth can be known only after opening the lid of the regular season.

KIA is still a team that needs reinforcing elements in the home, in, and outfield backups. However, due to the former general manager Jang’s incident, the stigma of ‘the club that the high-ranking people asked for back money’ was stamped in an instant. After this incident broke out, the situation was swift, but the lingering aftertaste can last surprisingly long.

This year, KIA is classified as not a clear winner. However, it is a team that needs to faithfully spend this season to go to the championship in the future. In this situation, the sudden vacancy of the leader is too fatal. Restoring the trust of the fans is the most important thing.

In the long run, it is bad news for the presidential challenge. In November 2021, KIA declared the New Tigers under the system of CEO Joon-young Choi, general manager Jeong-seok Jang, and manager Jong-guk Kim, clearly expressing their intention to challenge the presidency within three years of the contract period. However, the leader left in disgrace and left scars after a year and four months in office. The burden of those who remain is too great.

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