Japan’s A match opponent in March was also Uruguay, did they cooperate with Korea again this time?

South American powerhouse Uruguay, which is being discussed as one of the opponents for the March A match of the Korean national soccer team, seems to face the Japanese national soccer team at the same time.

Japanese media <Nikan Sports> quoted Uruguay local media and reported that Uruguay is being mentioned as one of Japan’s March A-match opponents. He also added that the Colombian national soccer team will also clash against Japan. 먹튀검증

In Japan’s position, it is important in many ways for the second A-match in March. It is an A-match right after renewing the contract with coach Hajime Moriyasu, and interest in the country is quite high as it will be a barometer to measure the next 4 years.

The fact that Japan’s opponents in the two A-matches in March are Uruguay and Colombia has a significant impact on Korea. In the past, Korea and Japan often cooperated with each other at the football association level to find an opponent for an A match. It was like that when we played against Chile and Paraguay in June of last year. After inviting the two teams together, Korea and Japan played alternately with different schedules. It seems likely that the same case will be the case.

Meanwhile, if Uruguay is invited, some Uruguayan stars such as Edinson Cavani, Jose Jimenez, Diego Godin and Fernando Muslera are not expected to be seen in the game. After the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar World Cup Group H Group H match against Ghana, they were angered by the referee’s decision and acted close to riots, and were punished by FIFA.

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