Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic named Player of the Month

The best centers in the league were named Player of the Month.

According to 『』, Joel Embiid (Center-Forward, 213cm, 127kg) of Philadelphia 76ers and Nicola Jokic (Center, 211cm, 129kg) of Denver Nuggets were named Eastern Conference and Western Conference Player of the Month, respectively. was reported to have been uploaded. Eastern Conference Player of the Month Embiid became the Player of the Month for the second time this season and for the sixth time in his personal career. Embiid has an unusually long relationship with the monthly top player in the middle of the season. Following last season, he was called to the category in December and January for two consecutive seasons, and it was the fourth time that he was selected only in January. While showing off his strong side in January, he is firmly leading the team this season as well. Philadelphia, led by him, played 14 games last January 메이저놀이터. During this period, Philadelphia won a whopping 11 wins, and from mid-month, it ran 7 consecutive wins, the club’s most this season. Surprisingly, while continuing their 7-game winning streak, they continued their winning streak by winning away games despite entering the West 5-game series. They played two days in a row against the Utah Jazz and the LA Lakers and won by one point. Embiid started 10 games in January. After missing three games at the beginning of the month, he sat out one game at the end of the month on an administrative level. Nonetheless, his performance was outstanding. He recorded 34.9 points (.549 .421 .861), 10.7 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 1 steal and 1.6 blocks in 33.1 minutes per game. Even though he didn’t have a lot of business trip time, he boasted tremendous productivity, including scoring power that exceeded this.

Having recorded a double-double in 7 games in January, he is continuing his streak of double-doubles in the last 4 games including the game he played earlier this month. What is even more surprising is that he reported 30 or more points in 9 of the 10 games he participated in, and vomited an exploding spirit of 40+ points in 3 of them. In the home game against the Denver Nuggets on the 29th, he showed off his presence by grabbing 18 rebounds, the most for the season. # Embiid’s January key game 03rd vs Pelicans 42 points (.625 .667 1.000) 11 rebounds 5 assists 2 3-pointers 18th vs Clippers 41 points (.545 .400 .833) 9 rebounds 3 assists 3-pointers 2 29 Days vs. Nuggets 47 points (.581 .571 .700) 18 rebounds 5 assists 4 3-pointers Western Conference Player of the Month Jokic became the Player of the Month for the first time this season and for the fifth time in his career. Having been named the regular season MVP the past two seasons, he has been the best player per month in January and March on all four previous occasions. This season, he was called by his name in January without fail, and was selected as the player of the month three times in January alone, showing off his strong side in January as much as Embiid. Denver also did well in January. Out of 16 matches, they were outstanding with 12 wins and 4 losses. Although it was the first consecutive loss at the end of the month and the first since early December, it showed its potential to run 9 consecutive wins, the club’s most this season, in the middle of the month. After winning the streak, he only added one win in four games, but he escaped from the losing streak within the first game in February and did not fall into the pit of three consecutive losses.

Jokic started 11 games in January. He was absent due to injury, but his productivity was outstanding when he was on business trips. He posted 23.8 points (.673 .565 .887), 11 rebounds, 11 assists and 1.2 steals in an average of 33 minutes played. He vomited the spirit of achieving an average monthly triple-double. He reported triple-doubles in as many as 7 games, and in the middle of the month, he made a triple-double in 3 consecutive games.

In the home game against the LA Lakers held on the 10th, he showed a 100% shooting success rate and added a triple-double. On this day, he did not miss a single field goal, 3-point shot, or free throw. His attempts were not many, but he completed a triple-double with 16 assists, the most for the season. In addition, during the month, a triple double was added in the games held on the 18th and 19th. #Jokic’s January key game 02nd vs Celtics 30 points (.769 1.000 1.000) 12 rebounds 12 assists 10 vs Lakers 14 points (1.000 1.000 1.000) 11 rebounds 16 assists 18 days vs Portland 31 points (.929 .500 .900) 12 rebounds 10 assists Photo_ NBA Mediacentral

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