Join the training experts… ‘Pursuit of stability’ kt infield, will there be a change in perception?

 kt Wiz joined by a training expert. Sujin Ya is expected to change perceptions in the upcoming season.

In October of last year, kt appointed former KIA Tigers coach Kim Ki-tae (54) as the kt Future Team coach. Director Kim is a leader with various experiences. After his retirement, he was recognized for his leadership by serving as head coach, hitting coach, and head coach while traveling between Korea and Japan.

Na-Hyeon Na, general manager of kt, said, “Coach Kim has built his career through the Future Team and the 1st team, and he is a leader with proven leadership. This is a recruitment to strengthen synergy with the 1st team through systematic training. I decided that he was the right person,” he explained the background of the recruitment.

Lee Kang-cheol, kt first-team coach, was constantly worried about Ya Soo-jin last year. Injuries occurred frequently during the season, but there were no clear resources to replace them. It was also one of kt’s problems that were discussed throughout the season.

I’m worried about the next season right now. The infield was put in a situation where the game had to change. The infield reorganization is urgently needed, including the enlistment of starting shortstop Shim Woo-jun (28) and the aging of veteran Park Gyeong-soo (39). 온라인카지노

In kt last season, fielders such as Oh Yoon-seok (112 games), Park Kyung-soo (100 games), Shin Bon-ki (74 games), Kwon Dong-jin (48 games), and Kim Byung-hee (41 games) took chances, but it was not a satisfactory performance. There was a lot of dissatisfaction in attack power, and in the end, the lineup that pursued stability with high dependence on the starting lineup was the main one.

In this situation, the appointment of coach Kim is the best card to change perception of Ya Su-jin. Since coach Kim specializes in fostering beasts, attention is being paid to what kind of synergy effect he will create with potential beast resources in the team.

kt has many players with potential, such as Jang Jun-won (28), Yang Seung-hyuk (24), and Go Myung-seong (24), who have been in the 1st team and the Futures League. Son Min-seok (19th, 3rd overall round No. 30) and Ryu Hyun-in (23rd, 7th round overall No. 70), who were nominated in the 2023 rookie draft, are also expected.

What kind of effect will coach Kim’s training bring to kt’s infield? I am curious about the 2023 season of kt, where a training expert joined.

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