Just ‘positive, positive, positive’ Klinsmann, are you prepared to give up your position as coach?

Is Jürgen Klinsmann, head coach of the Korean national soccer team, willing to give up his position to lead the team? It seems clear that the goal is the Asian Cup to be held in Qatar in January next year.토토사이트

Director Klinsmann returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 14th. His original schedule was to remain in Europe after the September international match and watch the Bayern Munich game. But for some reason, he changed his schedule and came to Korea.

Coach Klinsmann explained the superficial background at the press conference that day, saying, “I heard many people in the Korea Football Association say that usually when the players return home after an overseas expedition, the coach also comes with them, so I thought about that again.” .

‘Anyway,’ Coach Klinsmann, who returned to Korea, set a goal of saying, “There is not much time left until the Asian Cup. Ultimately, our benchmark will be the Asian Cup.”

Coach Klinsmann said, “I am confident that we will achieve good results in the Asian Cup, and I have high expectations.” He said, “I think the key will be how we analyze and prepare for the opposing team and key players.”

Coach Klinsmann said, “After a big competition is over, there are bound to be a lot of changes in preparing for the next competition.” He added, “There are many issues in those changes and many processes go through. It would be great if all aspects are satisfied at the association and team level.” predicted a positive future. At the same time, he expressed his confidence again, saying, “I think ultimately, I should be evaluated when I go to a big competition and produce good results.”

Coach Klinsmann once again expressed his enthusiasm for the Asian Cup, saying, “I think it will be important how we prepare until the next competition. We will prepare the best team for the Asian Cup and prepare well to achieve good results.”

That’s not surprising. Coach Klinsmann has constantly emphasized the Asian Cup since he took office. At the press conference held on March 8 after his appointment was confirmed, Coach Klinsmann said, “Korean soccer has created quite a good team over the past 20 to 25 years, starting with Coach Guus Hiddink, followed by Coach Uli Stielike and Coach Bento. Qatar “We won against a strong team in the World Cup,” he said, adding, “We beat Portugal, and we have also won against Germany in the past. Of course, our goal is to win the Asian Cup.”

Moreover, winning the Asian Cup trophy is also an urgent goal for us. Our national team last won this competition in 1960, 63 years ago. The Asian Cup trophy is essential to prove Asia’s power. In particular, this time, the team of players who are evaluated as ‘all-time best’ is in place. Fans’ expectations are bound to be high because Son Heung-min is alive and well, and the condition of major European players such as Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in is reaching its peak.

In this atmosphere, Director Klinsmann is constantly suffering from controversy. The controversy over remote working sparked the fire, asking for uniforms from opposing players, controversies over whether to go on a business trip to England and participate in a legend match against his former team (Bayern Munich), and even failing to give instructions to players during the cooling break. It is caught in the broadcast screen and is entangled in various stories. Due to this, there are even rumors of ‘resignation’ being circulated among soccer fans.

Nevertheless, what the director is aiming for is ‘results’. Regardless of what controversy the director is involved in, what fans want in the end is ‘results’. In this respect, we can find a small, trivial commonality between Coach Klinsmann and soccer fans.

So, is coach Klinsmann even contemplating what to do when he fails to produce results in the Asian Cup, which he has put so much emphasis on? Coach Klinsmann expressed his thoughts on this, saying, “Of course, if the results are not good, he has no choice but to be put to the test.”

“In the end, the Asian Cup will become the benchmark, and now all the coaching staff are preparing for the Asian Cup. If the results are not good, there will be criticism from fans and media,” he said. “At that time, we will have no choice but to face a test.” He also expressed his position, “No. That is the director’s fate.”

However, he did not lose confidence in winning the Asian Cup. Coach Klinsmann said, “I had a lot of experience with tournaments when I was a coach and a player, and it was quite enjoyable,” and “It is a positive thing that I have experience on how to prepare a team for a tournament and how to organize a team.” I pointed it out.

He also said, “The most important thing is for our players to reach the Asian Cup healthy. Not only Son Heung-min and Kim Min-jae, but also Hwang Hee-chan was not in 100% condition for this convocation. Lee Kang-in is also out with an injury, but if he stays healthy and prepares well, he will definitely be at the top level. “We can go to Qatar as a team, and then we will be able to achieve good results,” he pledged.

Director Klinsmann also showed caution to negative public opinion, saying, “It is not too late to criticize and criticize when the desired results are not achieved.”

Director Klinsmann seemed to believe in the ‘power of positivity.’ “I believe that when preparing for a competition, we need to receive positive public opinion and strength. Only then can we succeed. No matter how strongly we unite internally and no matter how positive the message is, if we continue to create negative public opinion externally, the team will inevitably be shaken,” he said, criticizing public opinion. Delivering a message of self-restraint.

He continued, “The players must receive positive public opinion, positive atmosphere, and positive energy. The national team is the people’s team and the team that represents the country, so creating a positive atmosphere together will be very helpful to the team. “It’s the same,” he emphasized.

He mentioned once more, “Until the Asian Cup, fans, players, coaching staff, and media must create a positive atmosphere together to create better synergy and bring about better results.”

Regarding the rumor that the German national team, where coach Hansi Flick was recently sacked, is showing interest in coach Klinsmann, he drew a line by saying, “For now, I will focus on bringing home the Asian Cup trophy.”

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