K2 Cheonan City Launching Ceremony… ‘Free ticket reservation’ from 2:00 pm on the 14th

Cheonan now watches professional soccer. Gathering the wishes and support of Cheonan citizens in one place, Cheonan City FC announces a strong start as a professional soccer team.

Cheonan City will hold a ceremony with citizens at Bongseo Hall of Cheonan City Hall at 7:00 pm on the 21st. It is an event that publicizes Cheonan City’s new start and pledges to promote in the upcoming 2023 K-League 2 season. It is the first opportunity for the entire team to greet the citizens of Cheonan, and it is a place to celebrate the birth of a professional soccer team related to the region in Cheonan.

Through this launch ceremony, Cheonan City will introduce the newly formed team and listen to the determination of the 2023 season to challenge the first professional stage. You can see the players wearing their uniforms, and you can also see the faces of the U-18 team players who will grow into Cheonan’s soccer stars in the future 스포츠토토. In particular, the congratulatory performance of the Maple Tree Choir, which touches the hearts of the disabled and non-disabled people, as well as the children of independence activists and children from the underprivileged, are expected to become a place where they can become one through soccer without prejudice and discrimination.

In order to share the moment of Cheonan City’s strong start with citizens and soccer fans, online advance reservations are being held. If you book tickets through Interpark from 2pm on the 14th, you can attend the ceremony on the 21st. Tickets are free, and anyone who supports Cheonan City can reserve them. Tickets will be secured through online pre-booking and a small souvenir will be presented to the fans who attended the ceremony.

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