Kanebal war notice…Tottenham-Man United great clash

Manchester United are moving to sign Harry Kane.

England’s ‘Manchester Evening News’ reported on the 21st (Korean time) that “Man United are monitoring Kane’s situation as they decide on a long-term striker target.” Reporter Samuel Luckhurst, who reported this news, is one of the people who is well-versed in the inside story of Manchester United.

Not only ‘Manchester Evening News’, but also various local media are conveying the transfer rumors between Manchester United and Kane. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ also said, “Man United are considering signing Kane this summer. Manager Eric ten Hag has made bringing in a new striker a top priority ahead of next season. started doing it,” he said. 헤라카지노

About a year and a half ago, Kane left Tottenham to move to Manchester City. However, his transfer failed. This is because with his contract remaining for three years, Tottenham was the ‘top’ of negotiations. Kane, who was semi-forced to stay, once again ran for Tottenham’s championship with the arrival of manager Antonio Conte, but his reality did not change. Tottenham is not much different from the past, when this season was also unrelated.

In the end, it is widely expected that Kane, who wants a major trophy more than anyone else, will make the choice to leave Tottenham again. ‘Manchester Evening News’ said, “5th place Tottenham has lost 3 of the recent 4 league games, and there is a possibility of failing to advance to the European Champions League (UCL). Then Kane will seek a transfer again.”

If Kane is trying to leave, it has become difficult for Tottenham to blindly catch Kane. Now, the balance of power has shifted a lot to Kane even in the transfer rumor. This is because there is no opportunity to sell Kane expensively unless it is the upcoming summer transfer market.

Manchester United won’t miss a golden opportunity to sign Kane. Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City already have or have signed strikers. Chelsea are also in dire need of signing strikers, but Chelsea are Tottenham’s formidable rivals. There are many prospects that Kane will not move to Chelsea because he cannot leave Tottenham badly.

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