Kim Min-jae vs Lee Kang-in ‘head-to-head’ canceled… KFA says Naples-Majorca trip ‘unavailable’

The South Korean national soccer team’s upcoming friendly match between Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in has been canceled.

According to News1, the Korea Football Association (KFA) notified promoters Untouchable Sports Group and Stadium X, which organized the domestic friendlies between Napoli and Mallorca, on Sept. 25 that the matches would not be held.

The two companies had planned to hold the friendlies at Seoul World Cup Stadium and Goyang Sports Complex on the 8th and 10th of next month, respectively. However, the Korean Football Association (KFA) objected to the scheduling of six K League matches on the 10th of next month. After a lengthy meeting with the organizers on the 18th, the KFA informed them that the match would not be held on the 10th.

The KFA asked the organizers to reply if they were willing to go ahead with only the 8th of next month, and to prove that they have the financial capacity to host foreign clubs.

The KFA asked the organizers to either post a deposit worth billions of won or submit an insurance policy of 800 million won, about 10 percent of the expected revenue from the first leg, along with a statement of financial compensation in case of a no-show by the players.안전놀이터

The KFA was supposed to receive these documents by the morning of the 25th, but by the afternoon of the same day, it had not received a response that met the minimum requirements. After a meeting, the KFA informed the organizers that Mallorca and Naples would not be possible, and the match between Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in was canceled.

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