Kim Myung-hwan, who moved from Double G FC to Road FC, said, “I want to become the strongest person in Korea.”

 “I want to become the strongest person in Korea.”

Double G FC Heavyweight Champion ‘Mammoth’ Myung-hwan Kim revealed why he is playing for Road FC.

‘Double G FC’s first heavyweight champion’ Kim Myeong-hwan will compete in Goobne ROAD FC063, which will be held on the 25th at Goyang General Gymnasium in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, and face off with ‘monster wrestler’ Shim Geon-oh (34, Kim Dae-hwan MMA).

Both fighters are strong players representing the Korean heavyweight division. Kim Myung-hwan, who conducted an interview with the tournament ahead of the recent match, said, “Anyway, I want to become the strongest person in Korea, so now there is something I want to prove myself by going beyond Shim Gun-oh, one of the strongest players.” revealed

Kim Myung-hwan came to Road FC to rise to a higher position. He revealed his goal of surpassing Shim Geon-oh and becoming the strongest Korean heavyweight.

Kim Myung-hwan said, “The main event of this tournament is Myung Hyeon-man and Hwang In-soo, and I think it’s not a bad picture for the winner of those players to face me. So, in the semi-final tournament, the person who won with Shim Geon-oh and the person who won between Myung Hyun-man and Hwang In-soo would like to compete with the winners in this tournament.”

Also, “In fact, I think it is necessary to organize this sequence once. In fact, they are all people who put out business cards and fight, saying, “You win.” That’s why, let’s go with that business card,” he showed strong motivation.바카라사이트

Shim Geon-oh, who will face Kim Myung-hwan, overcame the injury and won his first comeback match in three years, showing off his strong side in the heavyweight division. Shim Geon-oh sets out to stop Kim Myung-hwan’s goal.

Shim Geon-oh said, “First of all, since Hwang In-soo is a middleweight, I think ‘it doesn’t make sense for a middleweight to participate in an unrestricted tournament’. It’s not like taking a middleweight and harassing him, think about winning.”

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