Kiwoom secured 11 billion won for 5 years, how much will Lee Jung-hoo give next year?

Kiwoom Heroes has extended the existing main sponsorship contract.

On the 23rd, the Heroes club said, “Seoul Heroes and Kiwoom Securities, which signed the first main sponsorship contract for 5 years from 2019 to 2023, will sign a 5-year extension ahead of the final year of the contract, and will continue to develop a partnership from 2024 to 2028. “The contract amount is at least 55 billion won over 5 years and up to 69.5 billion won including incentives.”

Unlike other clubs that are operated with the support of the parent company, Kiwoom has maintained the club with sponsorship income since its foundation in 2008. The Heroes have also been funded through cash trades and major league transfers, but sponsorship income accounts for the lion’s share of sales.

Through this deal, the Heroes will be able to secure an average annual funding of $11 billion. It is unknown how much effect Kiwoom Securities enjoyed through marketing for the Heroes club, but it can be said that it has judged that it will be worth more than 11 billion won per year on average in the future.

However, Heroes has virtually confirmed one big extra income next year. This is because if Lee Jung-hoo advances to the major leagues, he can collect the transfer fee.안전놀이터

The transfer fee is specified in the Korea-US player agreement. I’m talking about the posting system. The major league club that takes the player is 20% if the total guaranteed amount is less than $ 25 million, ‘5 million + 17.5% of the excess of $ 25 million’ if the total guaranteed amount is less than $ 25 million to $ 50 million, and ‘$ 50 million or more’

In addition, if the player receives incentives and bonuses later, 15% of the amount will additionally go to the original KBO club.

According to this rule, the Heroes team received $5,525,000 from the San Diego Padres when Kim Ha-seong was transferred to the major leagues two years ago. At the time, Ha-seong Kim signed a contract for 4 years and $28 million.

If Kim Ha-seong executes an incentive of $4 million according to the number of at-bats for four years and a mutual option of $7 million in 2025, the fifth year of the contract, the contract will increase to a maximum of $39 million over five years. San Diego must send 15% of Ha-sung Kim’s additional income to the Heroes.

When Jung-ho Kang in 2015 and Byung-ho Park entered the major leagues in 2016, they signed a contract with the club with the highest transfer fee.

The record for the highest transfer fee in the KBO is 25,737,737 dollars 33 cents recorded by the Dodgers team when Ryu Hyun-jin joined the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013. At that time, Ryu Hyun-jin signed a contract for 6 years and 36 million dollars.

Local media predict that Lee Jung-hoo’s ransom will be at least 50 million dollars. The transfer fee for 50 million dollars is 9.375 million dollars (approximately 12 billion won). Lee Jung-hoo appealed to major league officials with some of his abilities at the WBC. 0.429 batting average (6 hits in 14 at-bats), 5 RBIs, 4 runs scored, OPS 1.071. In the game against Japan, Yu Darvish pulled a 95 mph fastball to the body and hit right away, showing his strength, his contact ability.

Masataka Yoshida, a Japanese batter with excellent hitting skills like Jeong-hoo Lee, signed a five-year, $90 million contract with the Boston Red Sox last winter. The transfer fee secured by Orix Buffaloes, the original team, is $15,375,000. The transfer fee conditions of the US-Japan Player Agreement are the same as those of the Korea-US Agreement.

If Lee Jung-hoo succeeds in signing a contract worth more than 50 million dollars, Kiwoom will secure a transfer fee of at least 12 billion won. The transfer fee is paid in three installments: within 14 days, within 12 months, and within 18 months after the contract is confirmed.

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