Ko Jin-young’s strategy to recapture major queen and world ranking No. 1 at the same time, ‘Fade Shot’

 “The battlefield is long, but there is nothing wrong with it. I use fade shots so I can be a little more aggressive.”

Ko Jin-young (28, Solaire), who is challenging to recapture the world ranking and become a ‘major queen’, announced that he changed his swing after a wrist injury. Ko Jin-young won the Chevron Championship (total prize money of 5.1 million dollars), the first major tournament of the LPGA Tour season, held on the 20th (Korean time) at The Club Carlton Woods Jack Nicklaus Signature Course (par 72, 6824 yards) in The Woodlands, Texas, USA. L) At the official press conference, “The pain was so severe that I couldn’t tie my hair, but I’m fine now. She’s about 80 percent recovered,” she says, changing her swing through her winter training.안전놀이터

She continued to talk about hitting the hole with a straight or faded shot instead of a draw pitch. “The change in swing allows me to play more aggressively,” he said. Since a fade shot requires a lot of rotation on the ball, it is easy to set the ball up on the green. He can attack the pin directly. This is why Ko Jin-young said he was aggressive.

Titleist and Srixon’s ball managers unanimously said, “There are differences depending on the swing trajectory or type of shaft, but it is true that the amount of spin is higher for fade than for draw under the same conditions.” Officials said, “In general, a fade shot takes 200 to 300 more rotations than a draw. If the rotation per minute is 7000 rpm when attacking the green, the fade shot will be 7200-7300 rpm. If the amount of spin is high, the ball stands relatively well,” he explained.

Go Gun-taek (24, Daebo Engineering & Construction), who won his first championship at the DB Insurance Promy Open, the opening game of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour season held at Riviebel CC in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do on the 9th, said something similar. Many players struggled because the green was hard and sloped, but Go Gun-taek explained, “I was able to hit the green relatively easily by hitting the green with a fade shot.” When playing on long battlefields and hard greens, the fade is much more stable.

It also means that pro players don’t just aim for the pin. Naturally, professional players rarely hit the ball straight and far. Depending on the condition and shape of the course, the hardness of the green and the position of the pin, it selectively uses a draw that curves slightly to the left and a fade that curves gently to the right. Considering the normal in-to-out trajectory of a golf swing, the draw generally coincides with the direction the club travels. Since the rotation of the club face and the ball matches the direction of the swing, it takes less rotation but travels farther. This is because the swing centrifugal force is applied as it is.

On the other hand, a fade shot is a swing that requires a so-called reverse rotation. Since the ball rotates in the opposite direction to the rotation of the club face, it inevitably takes a lot of rotation, and it also gives a relatively long distance. Instead, it doesn’t roll very far on the green thanks to a lot of rotation.

In the late 2010s, when the battlefield was getting longer and competition for long hits was unfolding, there were many players who used draw shots. With the development of club and ball manufacturing techniques and attention to the course rating to give long hitters the ability to differentiate, it seems that the fade shot is now becoming the mainstream. The reason Ko Jin-young changed his shot is also a strategy to make the ‘awl iron’ more accurate.

Ko Jin-young said, “I’m playing aggressively this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m playing every shot to the pin. The trajectory of the ball has improved from last year, and it has changed to a fade pitch. So it’s true that I can create a little more birdie opportunities,” but “sometimes I shoot toward the center of the green. The wind is blowing a lot, so I don’t think it’s easy to play aggressively on this course.”

Go Jin-young’s course management and shot-making in order to catch the two rabbits of a major queen and reclaiming world ranking No. 1 are bound to draw attention. zzang@sportsseoul.com

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