KT spring camp, no coach?

The Korean national team players participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) gathered in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 15th, the convening day. Players who participated in spring camps for their teams in Sydney, Australia (Doosan), Okinawa, Japan (Samsung), Florida, USA (SSG), and Guam (Lotte) arrived in Tucson by plane. The team’s players, who camped in the same state as the national team, traveled by bus.

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol (57), who was conducting training for his team KT at the Tucson Keno Sports Complex, watched the team training until the morning local time, then packed up and headed to the national team’s accommodation. Coach Lee still goes to work at the same place even after the WBC national team training begins on the 16th. This is because the training venue for the national team is also the Kino Sports Complex. KIA also made this a spring camp.

Kino Sports Complex, where three teams train, is equipped with a 11,000-seat baseball field and 9 auxiliary pitches for official matches on a site of 1.62 million square meters. It was used as a spring camp by the Arizona and Chicago White Sox teams of the American professional baseball Major League (MLB) until about 10 years ago, and has well-equipped locker rooms and weight training facilities. 카지노사이트

KT, which has set up camp here since 2013, the first year of its foundation, uses auxiliary pitches 4-7. KIA, which moved in for the first time this year, uses the main baseball field and the second auxiliary field. The national team trains at auxiliary pitches 8 and 9, and practice games are held at the main baseball field.

Coach Lee plans to leave KT training to the head coach and focus on the national team. Director Lee said, “No matter how much I try not to look at KT, I can’t help but see it. I believe the players will do well on their own,” he laughed. KT and the national team training ground are close by.

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