Kubo apologizes to Peruvian people, but why?

Drunk on fame? Kubo has been criticized by Peruvian soccer fans for something he shouldn’t have done.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Japan defeated Peru 4-1 in a friendly match at Suita Soccer Stadium in Osaka, Japan.

The behavior in question came after the game. Kubo is known around the world for playing for the big club Real Sociedad. Kubo played 70 minutes in the match and exchanged jerseys with a Peruvian player afterward.카지노사이트

However, as he was leaving the field, he threw the Peruvian’s jersey on the ground. It’s a rather different look from the “jersey swap” that usually involves taking the jerseys to the locker room.

Soccer fans were understandably outraged by the disrespectful behavior of their fellow soccer players. Peruvian and South American soccer fans took to social media to tell Cubo to “respect Peru” and “respect the Peruvian player’s shirt.

In response, Kubo wrote, “I didn’t mean to put my shirt there… Because of my ankle injury… I’m sorry,” he wrote.

However, in the statement, he said, “I completely forgot I had the shirt in my hand,” but in the aftermath video released by fans, he was seen throwing the shirt directly to the ground. No further comment was made.

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