‘Last for 2 consecutive years’ Hanwha coach Subero starts the 3rd camp “Time to leap”

Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = Hanwha Eagles head coach Carlos Subero emphasized that it was ‘time to leap forward’ as he started the third spring camp after taking office.

The Hanwha squad, led by coach Subero, started full-scale spring camp for the 2023 season at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA on the 1st (local time).

Coach Subero said at a meeting before training, “There are three happiest days in baseball. The first day of spring camp, the season opener, and the first postseason game, and we celebrated the first happy day today.”

Coach Subero, who took the Hanwha baton at the end of 2020, lost face by finishing at the bottom for two consecutive seasons. Hanwha only recorded 49 wins, 12 draws, and 83 losses in the 2021 season, and in the 2022 season, it recorded 46 wins, 2 draws, and 96 losses, making it worse than a year ago. 안전놀이터

Coach Subero, preparing for the final season of his contract, encouraged the squad, saying, ‘It’s time to leap forward.’ He said, “Leaping does not mean leaping only in numbers or grades. Players who have grown over the past two years must prove themselves through persistence.”

Hanwha plans to hold the first camp in Mesa until the 23rd with a schedule of 3 days training and 1 day rest. In the first turn, the focus is on injury prevention, but from the second turn, the training intensity will be increased. Coach Subero ordered the players, “From the second turn onwards, we must put all our passion into it.”

Meanwhile, after completing the first camp in Mesa, Hanwha will move to Okinawa, Japan, and start the second camp from the 28th with practice games against KBO league teams.

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