Lee Chun-soo, Controversial Controversy over Pardon for Association Match-fixing Soccer Player “You are making fans leave”

“I don’t understand why the issue was brought up when football is loved.”

Footballer Lee Chun-soo made a statement about the Korea Football Association’s pardon of 100 match-fixing players, saying, “It’s making the fans leave.”

On the 31st, Lee Chun-soo pointed out on his YouTube channel, saying, “The association is playing tricks, and this is strange.” 안전놀이터

Lee Chun-soo criticized the association’s decision, saying, “The active soccer players made the people come back to the soccer field after going through the tough World Cup. Why is the association doing this in such a good situation?”

He said, “I also went to the playground after a long time, and my heart is full, I feel joy, and I really like it, but why is this an issue?”

Chun-soo Lee said, “At this point in time when football is so loved by the people and going in a good direction, I don’t understand why they brought up the issue of amnesty in this situation.” I don’t understand,” he scolded.

He emphasized, “I am a soccer person, and the only thing a soccer person needs is a fan, and now such fans are trying to abandon soccer.”

He went on to say, “The association’s wrong choice makes it more difficult for active players who are exercising even though senior soccer players cannot help them.”

Lee Chun-soo said, “I have a family and I can’t help but be concerned” about the background of such a statement, but also said, “What will our active soccer players do?”

He predicted, “If this happens, the popularity of soccer will fall further.” Then he added, “How does popularity increase without fans?” and added, “The fans don’t understand.”

He also concluded, “I’m a bit ashamed, and I just want to make good choices at the temporary medical meeting.”

In response, netizens said, “Considering my position in the football world, it is not an easy decision to make such a statement, but it seems to be a great courage to express my opinion even now”, “There must have been some senior and junior colleagues among those who were pardoned, but thank you for your opinion, which is not easy.” Commented.

Earlier, on the 28th, the Korea Football Association decided to pardon 100 footballers who were involved in match-fixing in 2011. It is known that Choi Seong-guk, Kwon Jip, and Yeom Dong-gyun were included in the pardon list.

The association said, “We reflected the opinions of the frontlines who proposed an amnesty for the sake of harmony and a new start in the soccer world, congratulating themselves on the achievement of advancing to the World Cup finals 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar,” the association said. He then explained, “There is also the purpose of giving another chance to footballers who are judged to have self-reflected for a long time and sufficiently reflected on themselves.”

However, the public sentiment of the fans is seething and showing strong opposition. National soccer team supporters ‘Red Devils’ said on SNS the day before, “match fixing is the worst incident that shook the foundation of Korean football. We strongly oppose the Football Association’s amnesty plan and demand a complete withdrawal.”

The Football Association decided to discuss the amnesty again that day.

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