Lee Jung-hoo’s 3 hits is not surprising… I’m glad it’s a one-shot, one-kill, that’s Lee Jung-hoo

“I am making a hit with one swing.”

MBC Sports Plus commentator Kim Seon-woo, who relayed the match between Gocheok Kiwoom and Doosan on the 16th, looked at Lee Jeong-hoo’s three hits this way. Lee Jung-hoo’s 3 hits, which were sluggish this season, are precious. It was the third 3-hit game of the season that came out in a month following the Changwon NC match on April 8 and the Gocheok Kiwoom match on April 14.

However, as commentator Kim Seon-woo said, it is all the more encouraging because it is Lee Jung-hoo’s three hits. Lee Jung-hoo has always aimed to produce hits with one swing per at-bat. In fact, there were many such cases. However, it is meaningful to see the former appearance at first glance in that it is the process of returning to the previous hitting mechanic after failing to adapt to the hitting mechanic changed by Lee Jung-hoo this year.

Contrary to what Commissioner Kim Seon-woo said, Lee Jung-hoo did not make 3 hits with 3 swings that day. In the first inning, after watching Doosan starting pitcher Choi Won-joon’s first pitch fastball, he made a double that passed the key to right fielder on the 2nd pitch slider. In the 6th inning, after seeing the first pitch slider strike, he pushed a 2-pitch fastball and hit a double that landed on the left line.

However, in the third inning, after seeing the first pitch slider, he fouled the second pitch slider. However, after seeing a 3-pitch slider, he hit a 4-pitch changeup first. Even in the 7th inning, after watching the 1st to 3rd pitches, he withdrew with a line drive to right field on Lee Byung-hun’s slider on the 4th pitch. This was also a good hit. Anyway, since he got 3 hits on his 5th swing, it is worth inferring that he is gradually returning to his good feelings. However, for Kiwoom, at this moment, the first base runner Lee Hyeong-jong died on the first base, and the pursuit was cut off.카지노사이트

In fact, the hit to the left in the 6th is also noteworthy. He raised the position of his arm holding the bat back to his shoulder, and his stance returned to 45 degrees, allowing him to see his body for a longer time. In the past, in this position, Lee Jung-hoo pushed the ball well to the left and made a hit. The 6th inning was not a good hit, but it is encouraging that it became a regular hit.

In the end, there is an opinion that he should try again after going to the major leagues a year later with the form he changed this year. But mechanics don’t have the answer. Kiwoom is good enough even if Lee Jung-hoo returns like Lee Jung-hoo from the past. A month and a half into his opening season, Lee Jung-hoo is showing his fine coordination skills. Entering May, Lee Jeong-hoo has accumulated hits every time except for Gocheok SSG on the 6th and Gocheok NC on the 14th.

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