Lee Soon-min, who is about to release a new song, “Soccer and hip-hop at the same time, a fun experience… My dream is to represent the national team”

Reporter Kim Do-yong = Gwangju FC’s Lee Soon-min (29) was busier than anyone else in the off-season. He sweated on the playground to show his competitiveness in the K-League 1, which has returned, and also worked on sound sources for the release of new songs.

Soon-Min Lee, who is about to open K-League 1 with the release of the sound source, is waiting for a new start with great anticipation.

Lee Soon-min clearly demonstrated his presence in the soccer world last year. As Gwangju’s main midfielder, he contributed greatly to promotion to K-League 1, and in October of last year, he appeared as an invited singer at the K-League Awards Ceremony and showed off his hidden rapping skills. Lee Soon-min’s outstanding rap skills caught the attention of his soccer fans and colleagues.

Soon-min Lee, who is training in Jeju Island ahead of the 2023 season, met with News 1 and said, “It is a grateful thing to receive an award at the grand prize ceremony and perform. He didn’t have this. I think the director liked it,” he laughed.

Lee Soon-min, who showed off his own rapping skills, also prepared his new song while preparing for the season. Lee Soon-min promoted the new song, “There was no special reaction from the hip-hop world after the performance last year, but I made all the new songs. The album will be released at the end of this month.”

Lee Soon-min’s passion for hip-hop is not light. He liked hip-hop, so he studied on his own to study rap, and also learned from experts. He did his best by going to the recording studio alone and recording.

Lee Soon-min explained the charm of hip-hop, saying, “Hip-hop is a hobby that can represent the person I am. It’s fun to create results one by one, such as making music.”

However, Lee Soon-min is more passionate about his main job, soccer. Lee Soon-min, who was selected as the best 11 midfielder by leading Gwangju to win the K League 2 last season, is preparing for the 2023 season by sweating through Gwangju, Thailand and Jeju Island this winter to demonstrate his presence in the K League 1.

Lee Sun-min said, “It’s fun to do soccer and hip-hop at the same time. In order to have more fun, I have to focus more on my main job, soccer, and work hard.” I am trying to focus more and not be weeded out as tension arises.”

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who led and promoted the championship with outstanding leadership in his first season in Gwangju, is greatly supported by Gwangju players including Lee Soon-min.

Lee Soon-min said, “Last year, the team composition was delayed, so the season started in an incomplete state. I started the season with doubts, but the coach pointed out the problems and improved while training, and the team flowed in a positive direction.” As I became more confident in my leadership, my trust also grew,” expressing strong trust in director Lee Jung-hyo.

The relationship between Lee Soon-min and director Lee Jung-hyo has been around for a long time. Director Lee Jung-hyo worked together in 2017 when he was the head coach of director Ki-il Nam’s division. In 2022, four years later, coach Lee Jung-hyo and Lee Soon-min reunited in Gwangju and wrote the result of winning together.

Lee Soon-min, who spent another year with coach Lee Jeong-hyo, said, “The coach has a strict philosophy and does not bend his convictions. He is flexible in necessary situations.” He always lives with a sense of tension. He has a lot to learn from.”

Lee Soon-min has a big dream and is working hard to achieve it according to the direction of the head. 안전놀이터

Lee Soon-min said, “The coach emphasizes that the players should dream and work hard as much as he dreams big. I am also looking at the goal of becoming a national team member. I want to prove my ability as much as I have been promoted to K-League 1.” “Qatar Seeing how the national team moved and delighted the people at the World Cup, I thought, ‘I want to try it too’.”

Previously, Lee Sun-min played 30 games in the K-League 1, but he failed to perform well, such as failing to prevent the team’s relegation in 2021.

Lee Soon-min, who took a chance on the K-League 1 stage again, said, “It’s difficult, but we have to challenge aggressively. To have a good game, we have to take risks. Players and teams can develop through this process.” As long as the team is running, I will challenge myself with aggressive and active soccer that the coach wants.”

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