‘Legend’ Ham Seo-hee, who conquered Korea and Japan, One Championship world title is her next goal!

 South Korea’s Ham Seo-hee (35), who is called a ‘legend’ in the women’s martial arts world, is aiming for the top of the One Championship.

Ham Seo-hee has risen to the top of Japan’s DEEP Jewels and Lai Jin, as well as Korea’s representative group Road FC, and she has risen to the ranks of legends.

Ham Seo-hee will have a female atomweight match against Itsuki Hirata (23, Japan), the winner of season 3 of the reality program ‘Fighting Proxy War’, through ‘ONE Fight Night 8’ held at the Singapore Indoor Gymnasium on March 25th.

Ham Seo-hee and Itsuki were originally scheduled to face off at ‘One Championship 163’ in November 2022, but the confrontation was canceled when Itsuki failed to pass the weigh-in.

In her interview posted on her One Championship official website, Seohee Ham said of her “I want a showcase. I want to show that she is the strongest among the fighters who are aiming for the One Championship Atom-level throne,” she said, revealing how she intends to fight Hirata.

The One Championship Atomweight Champion has been Korean fighter Angela Lee (26, USA/Canada) since May 2016. She continues to hold her top spot with successful 5 defenses of the title. 메이저놀이터

Ham Seo-hee is a world class ranked No. 1 in the world by the third quarter of 2021. She won two consecutive victories over Dennis Samboanga (26, Philippines), who is ranked third in the official rankings, even in the One Championship.

Ham Seo-hee, currently ranked second in the One Championship official rankings, made it clear that she wanted her title fight after beating Hirata by saying, “The world title is next.”

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