“Levi didn’t say no himself”…Munich’s Kane signing strategy, ‘johnny-come-lately’ wins out

Tottenham have rejected Bayern Munich’s third bid for Harry Kane, but the Bavarians aren’t about to give up.

Sky Sports’ Florian Platenberg, known in Korea as a ‘first-tier Munich journalist’, reported on the 8th (KST) that “Munich have not received a rejection from chairman Daniel Levy”,바카라사이트 suggesting that the transfer is still alive.

While there are reports that Tottenham have rejected Munich’s bid, there is no indication that the Bavarians have heard anything directly from Levy, who is in charge of negotiations.

“The negotiations are ongoing without a deadline,” Platenberg said, “and Munich are considering the next step. It is likely that they will make a new offer,” he said, adding that they are not giving up and will make a “fourth offer”.

Munich made an initial offer of €70 million to Tottenham last month, which was rejected. They upped the ante by €10m to €80m, but Spurs chairman Daniel Levy didn’t budge.

The third offer was reportedly in excess of €100m with options. When you consider that Kane is a ’30-year-old with one year left on his contract’, you can see how keen Munich are to sign him.

Having met the initial £100m minimum set by Levy, it seems that he is not willing to budge.

In fact, the Telegraph reported that Levy could keep Kane next season even if he doesn”t make a penny in transfer fees. He’s willing to take the risk.

If he sticks to this stance, it leaves no room for Munich to pounce. For now, Kane has reportedly made it clear that he will stay at Tottenham if a deal is not concluded before the Premier League opener against Brentford on 13 September.

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