LIV Norman tells PGA commissioner, “Get out of world rankings”

 Greg Norman (Australia), who leads the LIV Golf Invitational Series, and Jay Monahan (USA), Commissioner of the PGA Tour, engaged in a war of nerves over the calculation of the world rankings.

The US Golf Channel said on the 25th (Korean time), “Norman LIV Golf CEO (CEO) warned PGA Tour Commissioner Jenny Monaghan and DP World Tour CEO Keith Pelli, ‘Do not get involved in the calculation of world rankings’. ” reported. In response, Monaghan and Pelli responded by saying, “We are already not involved.”

For Norman, the biggest challenge is to reflect LIV golf’s world rankings.

Norman launched LIV Golf in June of last year with the backing of the Public Fund of Saudi Arabia (PIF). While holding a tournament with a huge amount of 25 million dollars per tournament, they recruited a large number of players who have been active in the PGA and DP World Tour, such as Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Bryson DeChambeau.

It has succeeded in attracting the attention of golf fans. With each tournament, other stars joined, and the number of big players comparable to those on the PGA Tour increased. Cameron Smith (Australia), who won the Open last year, went straight to LIV Golf after finishing the PGA Tour season.

However, after the PGA or DP World Tour ended, LIV golf was excluded from the calculation of world rankings based on tournament performance, and dissatisfaction among players grew.

Norman admitted his mistake and submitted an application to the Men’s Golf World Ranking Committee (OWGR) in July of last year. However, he rejected this at a board meeting held in October. 토토사이트

He said that it was difficult to give a world ranking because LIV golf was different from the existing game method in that only 40 players participated in the third round of 54 holes without a cutoff.

The world ranking is the standard for participation in major tournaments such as the Olympics, Masters, US Open, The Open, and PGA Championship, depending on the ranking.

If LIV Golf continues to fall out of the world rankings, it will inevitably become more difficult for its players to participate in the Olympics and major tournaments.

In the end, Norman set an edge against Commissioner Monaghan and CEO Pelli, who acted as directors of OWGR. Both claimed to be influencing the calculation of LIV Golf’s world rankings.

The OWGR board of directors is composed of Commissioner Monaghan, CEO Pelli, and representatives from the four major tournaments: R&A, USGA, PGA of AMERICA, and Augusta National Golf Club.

However, the American sports media ESPN, which came out on the same day, reported that “Commissioner Monahan and CEO Pelli have decided to drop out of the Men’s Golf World Ranking Committee’s review.” It was belatedly known that in December of last year, Commissioner Monaghan and CEO Pelli voluntarily decided not to participate in the calculation of the world rankings.

CEO Pelli said in an interview with the British Telegraph, “It is difficult to comment on anything because I have not seen the request submitted by LIV.”

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