‘Long-awaited’ Kim Sang-hyun “I will show my potential as a prize money king on the Srixon Tour”

Kim Sang-hyun (29) enters the KPGA Korean Tour.

Sang-Hyun Kim participated in 19 KPGA Srixon Tour tournaments in the 2022 season, winning the ‘9th Tournament’ and ’18th Tournament’ and winning 3 runner-ups, recording TOP 10 12 times. He won first place with 80,851.79P and 80,402,046 won, respectively, in the ‘Srixon Point’ and ‘Srixon Prize Money Ranking’ categories, earning a ticket for the KPGA Korean Tour in the 2023 season.

Kim Sang-hyun said, “2022 was the best year in which I was able to achieve the goal I wanted. He said, “The secret to achieving good results was not missing opportunities and continuing the flow in all competitions I participated in. I am excited to step on the stage of the KPGA Korean Tour.”

Kim Sang-hyun is a ‘contemporaneous player’.

When Kim Sang-hyun was 17, a freshman in high school, he picked up a golf club at the recommendation of his cousin, a KPGA tour pro. He became a KPGA Pro in 2013 and a KPGA Tour Pro in 2014, and was active on the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour’ until last year. Unlike other players, he picked up the golf club late, but his will to play golf is stronger than anyone else.

Kim Seong-hyun said, “There were many times when I compared myself with players who started golf at a young age. He was faithful to strengthening the basics at the time of envy,” he said. He picked up the golf club late, but his love for golf is greater than anyone else.”

Kim Seong-hyun, who is about to debut on the KPGA Korean Tour in the 2023 season, has a clear goal. He is the ‘Castel Bajac Newcomer Award’ given to the best newcomer.

Kim Sang-hyun said, “The moment the KPGA Korean Tour debut was decided, the goal was to win the Castelbajac Rookie Award. I think it will be special because it is a once-in-a-lifetime award,” he said. I want to lift the championship cup at the ‘Genesis Championship’” he expressed his determination.

However, the wall in front of Kim Sang-hyun’s eyes passed the cut. He has never successfully passed the cut in three KPGA Korean Tour tournaments. Kim Sang-hyun promised to prove his potential as the No. 1 player in the ‘Srixon Prize Money Ranking’. 스포츠토토

He said, “The KPGA Korean Tour is different in every way. The playing environment such as green speed and rough length is demanding, and the level of participating players is very high. The key is to quickly adapt to the KPGA Korean Tour.”

Then he said, “I am motivated by seeing players from the second division tour prize money such as Kim Young-soo and Jung Chan-min perform impressively on the KPGA Korean Tour.”

Kim Sang-hyun’s dream is to remain as a ‘tour player’ for a long time. Kim Sang-hyun said, “Golf is everything to me. In particular, I have a strong sense of pride as a ‘tour player’.” As long as my body allows, I want to remain as a golfer active on tour until the end.”

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