LPGA 2nd Tour, with total prize money more than tripled in 10 years

It was found that the prize money and season size of the second part tour, Epson Tour, which is considered one of the ‘gateways’ to the so-called LPGA tour, has increased significantly.

Looking at the Epson Tour schedule for the 2023 season recently announced by the LPGA Tour Secretariat, 22 tournaments this season will be held with a total of 4.915 million dollars (about 6.1 billion won). This is an average of 223,000 dollars (276 million won) per tournament. Last year’s Epson Tour was held with a total prize money of $4.41 million for the season and an average of $210,000 per tournament. Beyond that, this season’s prize money will be held at the highest level ever. 메이저놀이터

Among the Epson tour tournaments to be held this year, the tournaments with the most prize money are the Carlisle Arizona Women’s Golf Classic from March 16 to 19 and the French Rick Charity Classic from August 3 to 6. The prize money for each is 335,000 dollars (415 million won). According to the LPGA, the Epson Tour has more than tripled and more than doubled the average prize money from $1.6 million in total prize money in the 2013 season 10 years ago. The Epson Tour, which had 15 tournaments in 2013, is now held with 22 tournaments, an increase of seven.

“We have made great strides in realizing the Epson Tour’s goal of providing the best opportunity for women to pursue their dreams on the golf course,” said LPGA Commissioner Molly Marcus Thurman. We are proud to provide an experience.” The 2023 Epson Tour will open with the Florida’s Natural Charity Classic, held on March 2-5, and the Epson Tour Championship, held on October 5-8, as the final tournament.

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