Mercenary’s victory…Marez’s final goal against Chelsea

Manchester City continued their pursuit of the lead by beating Chelsea with substitute Mahrez’s winning goal.

Reporter Suh Bong-guk of Overseas Sports put it together.

Man City, who suffered bad luck at the goal post until the beginning of the second half, continued the frustrating flow.

Guardiola replaced Mahrez and Grealish in the 15th minute,

and the game turned out well.

1-0 win, 2nd place Man City caught up with leaders Arsenal by 5 points.

Queen Radukanu of the 2021 US Open, who took the lead one week before the opening of the Australian Open.

Ranukanu, who fell outside the top 70 in the rankings due to frequent injuries and poor physical condition, once again cried at his bad luck.

After injuring her ankle in the second round of the ABS Classic, Radukanu left the court withdrawn from the match, leaving her season’s first major appearance at the Australian Open in doubt.

[Barry Cowan / Tennis expert: I was on the rise through steady practice until the fall, but I and those around me are very disappointed.]

NFL player Damar Hamlin collapsed from a heart attack after colliding with an opponent. 토토

Hamlin, who woke up from unconsciousness two days after his accident, was able to communicate dramatically and sighed.

Hamlin started a conversation by saying, “Did our team win?” The medical staff said it was difficult to predict a player’s return, but the recovery of consciousness itself was a significant step forward.

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