ML scouting report classified Kim Yoo-young as a ‘starting pitcher’ 10 years ago

When left-handed pitcher Kim Yoo-young (29) was to wear an LG uniform as a free agent catcher Yoo Kang-nam’s compensation player, a major league scout contacted him.

He came across a scouting report he had written in high school (Gyeongnam High School) by chance and contacted him.

What was the difference between Yoo-Young Kim, who the major league scout saw then, and Yoo-Young Kim now?

He first paid attention to Kim Yoo-young’s body. In high school, Kim Yu-young was considered a weak point because of her thin body. It was pointed out that she needed to bulk up through weight training and the like.

However, the slider was considered a plus pitch. He was evaluated as a pitcher who could produce good results on days when the slider went well.

He could also find strengths in his body shape. Although he was born with a skinny body, he said that he has the strength to carry the ball forward with his naturally long arms.

Added to this is the evaluation that he can throw a faster ball if he succeeds in bulking up.

What’s important is what follows.

It was written that he was in charge of the mound at Gyeongnam High School alone from his sophomore year and had the ability to throw a lot of balls.

He said that even though he is the main pitcher, he has excellent batting ability and can be highly evaluated.

Although his fastball is somewhat less powerful, he has the ability to complete the ball, so he was evaluated as being able to play an active role as a long relief if used in the bullpen.

It was also evaluated that he has good control and game management skills that are not typical of high school players.

In the current state, what LG needs to pay attention to the most is his complete pitching ability. It can be said that Kim Yoo-young’s complete pitching ability, which has been recognized since high school, is what LG needs most.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “The more candidates there are, the better. Kim Yoo-young can be used as a bullpen, but I plan to test him as a starting agent. He may be a player more suitable as a starter,” he analyzed. 안전놀이터

He can be said to be the same conclusion as the gaze of the scout who watched him in high school.

Perhaps, for Kim Yoo-young, selection might be a better fit. This is because his pitching was like that in his childhood, and he was gradually making up for his weaknesses after entering the professional game.

He doesn’t throw a very powerful fastball, but he has the advantage of a slider, and he can play longer innings because he has the game management ability that he has been recognized since high school.

Kim Yoo-young, who has now come out of the scouting report. It remains to be seen if he can establish himself as the starting pitcher LG wants.

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