‘Moon Tae-jong’s son’ Jae-rin, “I want to wear a Taegeuk mark”

Do you remember Moon Tae-jong, a ‘mixed-race naturalized player’ who made a name for himself as a KBL special shooter and also won a gold medal in the Asian Games as a national team member?

Reporter Lee Jeong-chan introduces his son Jae-rin, who inherited his father’s talent and dreams of becoming a Taegeuk mark for generations.


Moon Tae-jong, who debuted in KBL in the 2010 mixed-race player special draft, made a name for himself as a ‘special shooter’ for 9 seasons in Korea.

After going through ‘special naturalization’, he also played for the national team, especially as a member of the gold medal in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games.

My son, Jaerin, who is 17 this year, spent his childhood in Korea with his father,

[Jaryn Stevenson/Sipforth High School Forward: I remember hitting the 3-point shot. I want to emulate my father who was a great player.]

After Moon Tae-jong retired four years ago, he ‘grew up storm’ under his father’s guidance in the United States.

The 6-foot-8 forward is rated as one of the nation’s top 10 prospects among his high school sophomores, with outstanding athleticism and shooting skills that match his father’s.

[Moon Tae-jong/Sipos High School Coach: I am very tall, but I am good at many things that short players can do. I’m much better than when I was 17.]안전놀이터

‘Love calls’ from prestigious basketball universities

Like my father, I will become a representative of the Republic of Korea.

[Jaryn Stevenson/Sipford High School Forward: I want to play for Korea. I want to contribute to Korean basketball like my father.]

[Moon Tae-jong/Sipos High School Coach: If you represent the country you grew up in, my whole family will be very proud.]

While the Basketball Association is promoting Jae-rin’s special naturalization , , Moon Tae-jong and Jae-rin plan to enter the country soon and start the process of wearing the Taegeuk mark.

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