No concessions for Lee Kang-in…”A match first”

Amidst the controversy surrounding Lee Kang-in’s exclusion from the Korean national soccer team ahead of next month’s Asian Games, Klinsmann speaks out.온라인카지노

Reported by Ha Sung-ryong.


Coach Klinsmann held an online press conference with local media from his home in the United States.

Regarding the issue of Lee Kang-in, which is the center of attention, he made it clear that he has no intention of making concessions to allow Lee to join the Asian Games team early.

[Klinsmann/Football coach: Lee Kang-in will join the Asian Games squad after playing A matches against Wales and Saudi Arabia].

When asked if Lee Kang-in would not need time to train with the Asian Games squad, he replied.

[Klinsmann/Football Team Manager: Lee Kang-in has trained with the Asian Games team and will continue to train with the Asian Games team. It’s no problem for him to come and go from the A team, he’ll be ready in 10 minutes].

However, Lee Kang-in hasn’t played or trained with the Asian Games team in over a year, so there are still some concerns that Klinsmann may need to take him into consideration.

As for the criticism that Lee has spent only 67 days in Korea in the five months since his appointment, making him an “overseas telecommuter,” Klinsmann says he has no problem with that.

[Klinsmann/Football National Team Manager] I don’t think it’s necessary for the national team manager to be in Seoul and Korea, we have coaches in Korea, we have coaches in Europe. He’s watching all the Korean players, so it’s not a problem].

Despite the controversy, Klinsmann continues to stay abroad and will join the national team in Europe early next month.

(Reporting by Gong Jin-gu, Editing by Kim Jong-tae)

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