“Not the fans I remember”… Baltimore Natives Angry at the Baltimore Crowd

Richard Blier (36, Boston Red Sox) criticized some Baltimore Orioles fans for their irrational behavior.

In an interview with the Boston Globe on the 26th (hereafter local time), Blyer said, “The behavior of the Baltimore fans the day before was inappropriate. These are not the fans I remember back then.”

What is the reason why he was angry with the fans when he was with Baltimore from 2017 to 2020? It is because of the incident that occurred in the match between Boston and Baltimore on the 25th.

At the time, a netizen tweeted, “Boston’s pitchers weren’t in good condition that day. Some Baltimore home fans threw beer at them.” After Baltimore lost 8-6 that day, some fans held grudges and behaved in an immoral manner.안전놀이터

“It’s obviously unfortunate,” Blyer said. Hopefully Baltimore is doing things to prevent this from happening again. Absolutely unacceptable,” he said. “When I was there, nothing like that ever happened. Fans have changed so much.”

Blyar made his major debut in 2016 with the New York Yankees. The following year he transferred to Baltimore where he pitched until 2020. He later moved on to the Miami Marlins and then to the Boston Red Sox.

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