Oh Seung-hwan, pitching in the ninth inning with a dark defeat, why?

On the 16th, in the Samsung-KIA professional baseball match held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu, an unfamiliar scene was created.

In the ninth inning, where Samsung trailed by 2-8, “Lazenca Save Us” rang out. This song is the debut song of Oh Seung-hwan (41, Samsung, photo). It was unusual for Oh Seung-hwan to climb the mound in a situation where the loss was dark. Oh Seung-hwan led first batter Kim Seon-bin to a grounder out with a slider on the 4th pitch. Then, Shin Bum-soo was treated as a floating ball by center fielder with one ball. And KIA 4th hitter Choi Hyung-woo ended the 9th inning by putting out the second baseman ground ball after a close battle going to the 10th pitch.

This season, Oh Seung-hwan showed a lot of things he hadn’t shown before. He started the season as the closer, invariably, but through April 19, he went 1-1 with 4 saves and a 4.91 ERA in 7 games. He conceded runs in 4 of 7 games.

He eventually gave up his finishing position to left-hander Lee Seung-hyun and was put in as a relief pitch. However, despite this, he did not find his position, and in the last 3 days he even started for the first time in his debut. Oh Seung-hwan, who scored 3 runs in 5 innings at the time, went down to the 2nd team the next day and had time to reorganize. And it wasn’t until the 14th that I was called back to the first team. The KIA game on the 16th was Oh Seung-hwan’s first appearance after returning to the first team.

Director Park Jin-man revealed the reason for the appointment of Oh Seung-hwan. Coach Park said ahead of the Daegu KIA game on the 17th, “Oh Seung-hwan was determined to go up unconditionally in the save situation.” It was a condition for Oh Seung-hwan to save until the 6th inning. This is because Samsung led 2-1. However, it unexpectedly collapsed, allowing 7 runs in the 7th inning in the Samsung bullpen. The save situation failed, but Oh Seung-hwan’s ninth inning went ahead as planned. Director Park explained, “I went up from the level of physical condition management.” He took the mound as scheduled in the ninth inning to check his physical condition and adapt to the finish.안전놀이터

Regarding Oh Seung-hwan’s pitching that day, he said, “Compared to the last pitching, he seemed more confident with his powerful kicks and such appearances.”

In the end, Samsung can find some time to manage the mound only when Oh Seung-hwan finishes it. Oh Seung-hwan also said, “I think I have to go to my position in order for the team to ultimately produce good results. I have to get to my position quickly so that all the players can settle down.”

In addition, left-hander Lee Seung-hyun, who was in charge of the closer, was removed from the first team entry on the 17th due to an injury. Coach Park said, “I think he won’t be able to pitch for a few days because he has discomfort in his lower back. He was terminated for rest.”

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