“Ohtani is a great player even to me”.. “I’ll give you OOO if you win”

On the 23rd, Lee Jung-hoo of Kiwoom Heroes met with reporters at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

Q) How did you feel watching the final match between WBC Japan and the USA?

A) “It was great.

It was cool, and that was our goal, and our goal was to go there and play.

But now both teams really seem to have had a great game and I think it was a good game. Q) Ohtani said he hoped more people would love baseball


I thought a lot of players would come out.안전놀이터

However, it is true that we have recorded poor results in two consecutive tournaments, so I am worried that ‘young people will not be interested in baseball’, but there are still many baseball fans in Korea, I also thought that if you see the appearance like this, you will be more impressed.

It was so cool that Ohtani said something like that, and seeing that made me think that we should do better for the fans.”

Q) You changed your batting stance in the spring camp, and your batting average was good in the demonstration game?

A)”One of the reasons I changed my batting form was to do better this season.

During the demonstration game, I wanted to quickly make the batting form fit my body and get better results at the plate, but with the WBC, the feeling of hitting rises a little faster and the results seem to be coming out well.” Q)What are your resolutions for this year? A


” The resolution seems to be really unique.

We placed 2nd last year, but the only rank higher than 2nd place is 1st place.

I prepared a lot because I wanted to do better than last year, and I think I have to win this year no matter what.” Q) What is your

promise to win? Because this is my first win, I actually want to own all of the uniforms, and I want to keep all the tools I used that day, the spike gloves, at home, but I will just make it my personal (winner) pledge.” #LeeJunghoo #Ohtani # Become friends with professional baseball [MBIC News]! ▶Go to Facebook ▶Go to YouTube ▶Go to 1boon

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