Pablo Gimpo, ‘I learned from watching Sejingya’ “The K-League is similar to Uruguayan soccer”

Pablo (27), who newly joined Gimpo FC, is dreaming of the K-League while watching Sejingya (34, Daegu).

Entering its second year of existence, Gimpo recruited three foreign players this season. Uruguayan attacking midfielder Pablo and Colombian striker Luis Mina completed their transfers early, while Brazilian attacking resource Juninho Rocha also joined the team. Juninyu is in a situation where only official announcements are left.

Gimpo ranked 8th in the league last season despite only building a team with domestic players. As such, the joining of those who can score from the front is expected to be a greater force. For ‘fun soccer’ that coach Go Jeong-woon talks about, three players must exert their strength.

Among the foreign players, the first player to step on Korean soil was Pablo. On the 16th, he attended the 8th media camp of the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training held at the Lacky Hotel in Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do and talked with the reporters.

When we sat down, Pablo greeted us in Korean from the beginning, saying, “Hello.” Having stepped on Korean soil last month, he said, “I learned simple Korean words such as ‘thank you’ and ‘hello’ from his colleagues,” and showed off his Korean language with poor pronunciation.

Pablo has never left his native Uruguay throughout his professional career. This is his first overseas stage challenge since his professional debut in 2016.

It must have been a transfer that was decided with a big heart. He explained why he chose to go to Korea, saying, “I’ve already reached my age. I wanted to try soccer abroad once. I was curious.”

I have already completed the K-League preparations. Pablo brought up the name of ‘K-League’s best foreign striker’ Sejingya and said that he wanted to play an active role on the Korean stage like him. 

When asked if he had a role model, Pablo said, “I also watched a lot of videos of foreign players playing in the K-League. The style was similar to that of Uruguay soccer.” ). I mainly watch them because I am an attacking midfielder. I want to adapt well in Korea like them.”

The same goes for the Gimpo analysis. Pablo said, “I watched a lot of Gimpo matches last year. The forward pressure and offensive development seemed lacking. I want to help a lot in that area.” ” he said forcefully.

When asked about his PR, Pablo gave an unexpected answer. Unlike ordinary foreign players, he cited ‘team play’ as his strength. He said, “I am confident in team play. I want to show a lot of team play and accurate passes that always deliver the ball forward.” It flows,” he trembled.

Pablo continued, “I played in the first division of Uruguay for several years. Through many coaches, I learned that football is not played alone. I grew up learning that good football can be achieved only when we play together as a team. “I can’t play football.”

How is living abroad for the first time? Pablo said, “It’s been a little over a month since I came to Korea. At first, it was too cold. It’s summer in Uruguay, but it’s winter here, so the weather was the exact opposite.” there is,” he said.

Fortunately, Gimpo has two more Spanish-speaking players besides Pablo. Other foreign players, Luis Mina (Colombia) and Juninho (Brazil), also speak Spanish. 온라인카지노

Pablo said that the two players were a real strength. He said, “I was the first of the three to come to Korea. When I was alone, I was anxious because there was no one I could talk to, but Lewis came in and it gave me strength. It was comfortable,” he said brightly.

In particular, he had a deep relationship with Juninyu. Pablo revealed an unexpected relationship, saying that he was a close friend who had played on the same team as him.

He said, “I was a teammate with Juninho when I played for Defensor Sporting Club in 2017. Even after each transfer, we met as opponents in the Uruguay league.” We were always together. We are very close. Juninho is more Uruguayian than Brazilian,” he joked.

Pablo also did not forget to praise his friend. He repeatedly emphasized, “Juninho is good at soccer and a strong player. This is not a friend, but a player. He was a tough opponent every time he met as an enemy.” Even so, he burst into laughter, saying, “But he’s never lost.”

Finally, Pablo said, “But Juninho is a really good player. When I was asked about him at the Gimpo club, I boasted a lot as a player.

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