Park Chan-ho, who only thought of the country, encouraged juniors to participate in the preliminary round

Reporter Lee Hyeong-joo = Park Chan-ho (49) cheered on his juniors. 

In the American Major League (MLB), where baseball monsters gather, there is a player who still holds the title of the most Asian wins (124 wins). Even taking off the title of an Asian is a great record. His name is Park Chan-ho. 

Baseball national competitions are less active than baseball’s popularity, so it is common for MLB players to focus on their teams rather than digesting the national team schedule. But Park Chan-ho did not. He only thought of his country. 

Park Chan-ho took part in the 2006 World Baseball Classic (WBC) at the cost of his career with the determination to represent the country. In 2007, he pitched in the qualifiers, not even the Olympic finals. At the time, through the MBC special, junior Song Seung-joon (42) said, “It’s okay to just appear after passing the preliminaries, but I admired the way major league players came to lead and advise juniors for the country when they needed to rest.” . 

In addition, I wanted to participate in the WBC in 2009, but unfortunately I couldn’t do it, and at the national team retirement press conference, “I apologize to those who wanted me to participate, and I’m really sorry” and showed tears, showing the patriotism of the ‘national team’ player. , It remains as a symbol of the mindset that the ‘national team’ should show.  메이저놀이터

On the 3rd, at Gocheok Dome, the 2023 WBC national team, which followed the path they walked, had a practice match with the SSG Futures team. I watched and supported Park Chan-ho. 

After the game, he came down to the locker room and gave encouragement to his juniors. He seemed to be sharing honest stories with his juniors, such as Kim Ha-seong (27) and Ko Young-pyo (31), and giving advice if necessary. The words of the great national team seemed to make the juniors more comfortable. 

It is unclear how our national team will perform in this tournament. The opposing teams are tough. You may succeed or you may fail. However, if the national team players participate in the tournament with the mindset of Park Chan-ho, they will be able to fight without regret. 

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