Park In-bi, a ‘laugh flower’ despite falling 4 steps in the ranking… Why?

The ranking of the top women’s golf players has stopped.

In the Rolex Ranking, which announces the rankings of LPGA players announced on the 6th (Switzerland local time), the rankings of the top 20 players, including No. 5 Ko Jin-young, stopped without change.

Lydia Ko (average 7.72 points) ranked 1st, Nellie Koda (average 7.25 points) ranked 2nd, and Lee Min-ji (average 6.19 points), 3rd and Ataya Titikul (average 5.80 points) ranked 3rd. ), followed by Ko Jin-young (average 5.70 points) in 5th place. 스포츠토토

Among Korean players, the player with the greatest fluctuation was Park In-bi. The ranking fell 4 places from 42nd to 46th (average 2.00 points).

Inbi Park, who struggled a bit last year and this year and was on a downward trend in the rankings, entered a break after her last tournament, the AIG Women’s British Open (August 1-4, 2022).

Looking at the rankings, there is a clear downward trend. However, a flower of laughter that cannot be exchanged even for the first place in the rankings awaits Park In-bi.

Inbi Park welcomes her new life in April. She married Nam Ki-hyeop, her swing coach, in 2014, and after 8 years, he announced her slant and is about to give birth to her daughter, nicknamed ‘Kibi (Ki-hyeop + In-bi)’. On January 30, 2023, she held a party to commemorate her birth with her colleagues.

Although the rankings are continuously dropping, in addition to Park In-bi, who will deliver much better news to golf fans, Lee So-mi (43rd), Lee Ye-won (45th), and Kim A-lim (48th), who have jumped up a notch, are slightly lower in the rankings. There has been a change.

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