PBA Draft, two days ahead…Teams wrapped in ‘new farming’

The number of teams to lead the 2023-24 season has increased to 9. As a result, attention is drawn to the recruitment of players for each team.

On the 23rd, the 2023 PBA Team League Draft will be held at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul. 

Each team will create a new edition by exercising the right to nominate players, excluding protected players through the draft. Among the players who switched to the PBA this season, Choi Seong-won and Han Ji-eun will attend and share their resolutions for the new season and their impressions of recruiting. Foreign players such as Semi Seigner (Turkiye) and Daniel Sanchez (SY Group, Spain) are scheduled to enter the country right before the opening game begins.

After news of the disbandment of TS Shampoo Puradak came out, SY Group and High1 Resort jumped into the founding of a new team. And some of the first division tour players, such as last season’s ace and champion, were demoted this season and headed to Q School, and it became a task for each team to bring in new faces. In particular, early seed players from low-ranking teams that have not performed well are very important.

SY Group, a completely new team, has already completed the priority selection of players. Led by Sanchez, the “four kings,” the team was formed by Hwang Deuk-hee, Han Ji-eun, Lee Young-hoon, and Han Seul-gi. Additional players will be recruited through the draft on the 23rd. High1 Resort continues to take over TS Shampoo Puradak as it is, and similarly selects additional players through draft. 

Blue One Resort, which won the 22-23 season, has outstanding aces such as Slong Piabi, Kang Min-gu, and David Zapata. However, with the exception of Throng, domestic female players such as Seo Han-sol and Kim Min-young left relatively weak impressions, so it is difficult to say that at least one player is very stable. When raising the mood, you need a sure card that can be used as a joker roll.

Eom Sang-pil was demoted to Q School for the first time this season, but he regained his honor. Since its founding, it has been steadily pulling the team with very compliant leadership, so the possibility of replacement is not high. Among the male players, eyes are focused on Chan Chapak’s future retention.

On the other hand, the situation at Welcome Savings Bank, which tied everyone as protection players last season, has changed a lot. Seo Hyun-min came down to the Q school due to noticeable sluggishness and barely recovered, so it’s close-knit. Among the female players, the key is the adaptability and survival of Oh Soo-jung, who replaced the departed Cha Yu-ram. Oh Soo-jung’s personal tour performance is 21st overall (10,800 points) based on the point ranking.

Captain Kudron is close to a ‘well-banged civil servant’ as long as he doesn’t move. In addition, there is a high probability that aces with guaranteed grades such as Kim Ye-eun and Wimarz will be tied up as they are. However, due to Han Ji-seung’s enlistment, player restructuring became a necessity rather than an option.

NH Nonghyup Card is highly likely to embrace Mamin Calm, Kim Bo-mi, and Kim Min-ah, starting with Jo Jae-ho, who won the grand prize last season and currently has the highest PBA share price. Only Nguyen Phuong Linh (ranked 49th overall in point rankings), whose performance in the previous season was sluggish, still has room for negotiation. 

In addition, teams with one or two prominent aces and champions, such as Crown Haetae and SK Rent-a-Car, have a clear reputation for protected players. 

In Hana Card, which lifted the first place trophy in the first season, captain Kim Byeong-ho fell to Q School and returned, but eyes are focused on the possibility of re-recruitment.

Throughout the 22-23 season, Kim Byung-ho could not get out of the slump, with his individual tour performance only reaching 17th place. The father-daughter rematch with Kim Bo-mi added interest during the season and led Hana Card to good leadership, but the professional world where you have to answer grades is cold. Kim Ga-young and Kim Jin-ah had all the stars and excellent grades, so there is no reason to realistically release them.

In addition, foreign player Filippo Casidocostas (ranked 17th overall), although his individual performance is not too bad, compared to his reputation, he is disappointing, and it is difficult to predict from the team chemistry perspective. Nguyen Quoc Nguyen (ranked 41st overall) did not have a very satisfying season, with his best finish on his individual tour being the round of 16. 

Huons is in urgent need of rebuilding. The atmosphere was not good as it stayed at the bottom of the previous season. It is highly likely that Kim Se-yeon (18th overall), who suffers from a slump and suffers from a goal, and Javier Palazon (15th overall) will remain. However, the young captain had a rather difficult year to unite the team. If you focus on teamwork rather than individual performance, you’re more likely to redo your roster or re-appoint the captain except for two or three.안전놀이터

This season, with the influx of good players with both star and skill, the teams are in a tense fight. However, the standard for tying protected players is somewhat lower in terms of tension and freshness, as it is possible to tie all members from 3 or more. A team with a large number of outstanding star players is likely to carry the existing members as they are. This is why eyes are gathering on the ‘forced rebuilding’ of Welcome Savings Bank, which had a strong tendency to insist on existing players.

If the free agent (FA) system had been implemented, it would have been the season when the ‘war of money’ would have occurred in which blood was splattered to change the clothes of each team’s aces. In addition, players who wanted to leave the existing team and try new challenges would have moved freely and added interest. 

Meanwhile, the season opener of the PBA, which prepares for a new edition with the Team League Draft, will be held at Blue One Resort in Gyeongju on June 11th.

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