“PGA Tour, LIV golf, a confrontation like the Ryder Cup?… General manager Mickelson Woods”

Reporter Kwon Hoon = The idea of ​​having a team competition like the Ryder Cup between the PGA Tour and LIV golf players, who were once colleagues but are now enemies, came up.

Retired American Professional Football (NFL) star player Danny Woodhead posted on social media on the 3rd (Korean time) that a Ryder Cup-style competition between PGA Tour and LIV golf players was held, and Tiger Woods (USA) and Phil Mickelson ( The U.S.) suggested that it could draw the most attention in golf history if it becomes the leader of both teams.

The person who posted this idea introduced himself as an anonymous former professional golfer and fan.

When Woodhead, who has 120,000 followers, retweeted the proposal, fans went wild. More than 600,000 fans saw this article on that day alone. 메이저놀이터

Mickelson, the godfather of players who turned their backs on the PGA Tour and went to LIV golf, immediately responded, saying, “It’s a great idea.”

He went even further and said, “Maybe my team (LIV Golf) will crush them (PGA Tour).” He added, “Why not?”

Caddy Network selected 15 players each who were expected to participate, and Golf Week even published predictions for single match play wins and losses.

However, Caddy Network chose Greg Norman (Australia), not Mickelson, as the general manager of LIV Golf.

Contrary to Mickelson’s loud voice, Golf Week predicted that the PGA Tour would overwhelm LIV Golf with a record of 12 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.

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