Possible opening entry LG Park Myung-geun … “Little kidneys? A real genius who can command beyond the limit”

 Park Myeong-geun (19, LG Twins) has many similarities with his senior Kim Ji-chan (22, Samsung Lions). First of all, he is a professional player from Raon High.

And he is similar in that he is a player who entered the professional stage with his small height as a weapon. The round that entered the pro is similar. Kim Ji-chan stepped on the professional stage in Samsung’s second round, and Park Myung-geun in the front third round. The sequence itself is similar.

However, Raongo coach Kang Bong-soo, who is also a legend of the LG Twins, has a different idea. What they have in common with and Kim Ji-chan is their genius. Coach Kang said that at least at the high school level, they are unmatched players.

Director Kang said of Park Myung-geun, “People still don’t know the value of Myung-geun. Usually, when high school pitchers say they have good control, they mean players who can strike within their own zones. Even at this level, they are great players in high school. But Myeong-geun is different. In addition to this, he is a player who can do so-called commands. He is a player who has the ability to put in and take out a ball while pitching with power. He must have this ability to survive in the professional world. A pro’s narrow strike zone? If it’s another player, it won’t be a big problem. He is a real genius in this area.”

This was similar to the opinion of Kim Dong-heon (Kiwoom Heroes), who received his credit from the national team. He also said, “In my personal opinion, the best control of the national team is Park Myung-geun.”

Coach Hong Seok-moo of Yoo Shin-go, who produces many professional players, had a similar opinion. Coach Hong said, “Last year, in the Hubanic Weekend League against our team, he came out as a starter and struck out 7 batters against 9 batters. The ball was terrifying. I wondered if there were any pitchers like this. A player like this is number 7 in round 3? To be honest, I don’t quite understand.”

And that’s not all. In the Presidential Cup, he faced Seoul High School with Kim Seo-hyeon (Hanwha Eagles), who ranked first in down payment, and won. He defeated Seoul High School with 2 hits and 9K scoreless runs in 6 innings and led the team to the quarterfinals. Of course, in 2021, he led the runner-up in Raongo’s Presidential Cup for the first time in history. His ERA is only 1.21 at 68K in 51.2 innings.

The strength of Park Myung-geun, which many people talk about here, is his boldness. He has a tremendous ability to immerse himself in the game. The anecdote of him staring at his opponent on the mound, not knowing that the game was over, is famous. It is because of these advantages that the LG Twins are the only ones to follow the 1st team camp and receive good marks in the finishing camp.

In fact, the reason Park Myung-geun was undervalued in the rookie draft last year is simple. This is because players with a small physique have limitations in the professional world. Park Myung-geun recorded a speed of over 150 km/h at the beginning of the season. However, he lost his speed as the season went on. He even dropped to 137 km/h. The variance also increased. The sluggishness of his youth team at the time was also due to this. In other words, the logic of the professional club is that the smaller his physique, the more he has to use his whole body to throw the ball, and there is a limit to the long pennant race.

In addition, it was also considered that Park Myung-geun’s breaking ball to support him was relatively weak compared to four-seam. Because his changeup is weak, it is not easy to block pro lefties. 온라인카지노

However, his anyway stamina changes to match when he enters the pros. Also, he has plenty of room to grow against right-handed hitters if he’s in the middle. Even when senior Kim Ji-chan first entered the professional league, many people underestimated him as a runner-up. However, Kim Ji-chan is performing at the highest level among all the beasts Samsung has recently picked in the draft. The 2023 season is also likely to play as a starting second baseman.

Prior to the camp, new LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop suggested using Park Myung-keun for the opening game. It is an internal evaluation that he is a player who can be fully utilized in the middle. He also added a story that he recommended director Ryu Joong-il as an intermediate relief when he was the technical chairman in the past. As much as that, the team called LG Twins is a land of opportunity for Park Myung-geun.

LG has already discovered a great midfielder sidearm called Jung Woo-young. If Park Myung-geun succeeds here, there is a high possibility that LG’s back door will gain more momentum in the future.

In addition, if a small player like Park Myung-geun successfully adapts from the first year of the pro, it is expected that it will bring a positive wave of ‘even a small player can succeed’ in the amateur baseball world.

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