Radukanu, who said he would keep his distance from social media, settled in the 3rd round of Indian Wells, perhaps because of that

Emma Radukanu (England), who won the 2021 US Open at the young age of 18 after qualifying and winning with no set, appeared like Cinderella in the tennis world. Perhaps because she came into the spotlight so suddenly, she seldom performed well after Radu Kanu. 

To get out of her sluggishness, Radukanu said she “has to try something new”. According to foreign tennis media UBITENNIS, she confessed that Radu Kanu deleted her WhatsApp and Instagram from her phone shortly after she suffered her second round defeat at the Australian Open in January. 메이저사이트

“I want to focus on what I think, not what other people say about myself. Ever since I deleted Whatsapp and Instagram from my phone after the Australian Open, I’ve been a little out of the world. I felt like there was a time I wanted to focus on, but when I deleted my social media, I was very satisfied with my life without it.”

After her US Open win, Radu Kanu’s popularity skyrocketed. Currently, her Instagram followers are 2.54 million, which is more than twice that of the world’s No. 1 Iga Sibiong Tech (Poland). He also has more than 650,000 followers on Twitter. However, it seems that because of that, many of her unexpected words were being passed on to Radu Kanu. 

Monica Puig, who became the first Puerto Rican athlete to win a gold medal in the women’s singles at the 2016 Rio Olympics, sent advice to Raducanu, “Don’t look too much at social media.” 

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