‘Reduced by 6 minutes more than last year’ KBO strengthens speed-up regulations for the 2023 season

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) is accelerating the shortening of game time to create a ‘faster and more fun’ league. The goal is 3 hours and 5 minutes (based on regular innings).

KBO announced in a press release on the morning of the 8th, “We will strengthen the speed-up regulations for the 2023 season with the goal of presenting more fun and thrilling games to baseball fans through faster game progress.”

Last year, the KBO League went through the normalization of the strike zone and the strengthening of the speed-up regulations, and the average duration of 720 regular season games (based on 9 innings) was reduced by 3 minutes compared to the previous year (3 hours and 14 minutes in 2011 → 3 hours and 11 minutes last year). This year, he plans to cut 6 more minutes than this.

What are the new regulations?

First of all, the manager and coach’s mound visit time during the game is strictly applied. In the existing league regulations, ‘[Speed ​​up of the game] 3. Pitcher replacement ② (previous content omitted)’ When visiting the mound, the manager, coach, or player moves as quickly as possible, and each visit is limited to 30 seconds (omitted). At the point where 30 seconds have elapsed, the referee notifies this and the manager or coach must return to the dugout immediately.’

However, from this year, it has been changed to ‘notify this at the time 25 seconds have elapsed, and the manager or coach must immediately go into the dugout’ so that the game can be resumed immediately after 30 seconds have elapsed. In addition, it is also added that the catcher must complete the preparation for the catch after 30 seconds have elapsed.

The pitcher’s 12-second rule was also revised. Until last year, if a pitcher did not pitch within 12 seconds when there were no runners, the referee issued a warning for the first pitch, and fined the player 200,000 won for the second pitcher. Only in the Futures League this year, it is judged as a ball immediately without warning, and after this year’s Futures League pilot operation, the application of the 2024 season to the first team will be reviewed.

Strict at-bat breakout prevention rules are applied, and the referee’s speed-up evaluation is also conducted. The rule that imposes a fine of 200,000 won in violation of at least one foot in the at-bat from the moment the batter enters the batter is more strictly applied. The referee will lead compliance with the rules by thoroughly checking whether the batter violates the departure rules, except for cases where departure is unavoidably allowed.

In addition, the speed-up evaluation is reflected in the referee’s evaluation so that the referee can run the game by actively emphasizing speed-up. ‘Strict speed-up regulation application’, ‘active speed-up encouragement’, and ‘smooth progress and rapid contribution to the game’ are added to the referee evaluation.

The ‘reinforced prohibition of friendly behavior’, which prohibits players from talking during cleaning time, was also included in the strengthened speed-up regulations. The KBO announced, “During cleaning time, players on standby are prohibited from having private conversations with opposing players on the ground.” During the 2-3 minutes during which the stadium is being maintained, you should only focus on warming up.

In addition, the access to the referee room for players and team executives is strictly restricted, and personal contact is prohibited. KBO explains that the above is a measure to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings in advance and strengthen fairness. 온라인바카라

The KBO, which decided on the regulation to strengthen the speedup, set a clear goal of shortening the average regular inning time of the regular season this season by less than 3 hours and 5 minutes. We plan to do our best to continuously shorten the game time by researching the establishment of new rules that allow speed-ups and reviewing their application. We plan to announce monthly speed-up statistics so that more league officials can pay attention to speed-up.

Major League Baseball (MLB) is also making efforts to shorten game time. In September of last year, it was announced that starting from the 2023 season, a “pitch clock” that would limit pitching time would be introduced. If the pitcher does not enter the pitching motion within 15 seconds and 20 seconds, respectively, when there is no runner and when there is no runner, the ball is automatically declared. If the batter does not prepare to hit with 8 seconds remaining, a strike is awarded.

Compared to other sports, the dominant opinion is that such efforts are necessary to strengthen the competitiveness of baseball as the game time is longer. It remains to be seen whether the KBO’s attempt will produce a successful outcome.

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