Referee saves unconscious spectator at high school soccer tournament in Korea

During the high school soccer tournament, the referee’s quick response saved a spectator who fell unconscious in the stands.

On the 11th, in the Geumgangdaegi National High School Soccer Tournament Group 6 Preliminary match between Chungnam Yesan Sapgyo FC and Gangwon Chuncheon City Sports Festival held at Gangneung Gangbuk Public Stadium, a man fell and lost consciousness in the audience seat opposite the main seat.

Referee Shim Seok-woo and Kim Yoo-young, who were on standby, discovered this and reported it to referee Lee Seung-jun, who immediately stopped the game and took emergency measures.

Referee Kim Yoo-young, who took the shock absorber, first secured the man’s airway, and referee Shim Seok-woo performed CPR.

The referee’s quick first-aid measures restored the spectator to consciousness, and he was transported to an ambulance that arrived within 4 minutes.안전놀이터

After clearing the situation, the match resumed.

Referee Shim Seok-woo said, “I already had experience performing CPR on a collapsed player while refereeing in the middle school league and club soccer. I wasn’t embarrassed. I just did what I had to do.”

Referee Lee Seung-jun said, “In the middle of the second half, the ball went out and I looked at the second assistant referee and saw someone collapsed in the crowd. He called the medical staff in and stopped the game.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Football Association is conducting CPR training for referees once a year.

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