‘Reversal final blow’ Kim Ha-seong ’16 at-bats no-hit escape’

Ha-seong Kim whose batting average fell to the 10% range.

Did you record a hit in 6 games with a ‘exhilarating’ come-from-behind final blow?

Top play starts.

◀ Report ▶ Ha

-seong Kim fell into a severe sluggish batting game.

He got two chances with the bases loaded.메이저놀이터

He took the first pitch and hit it straight through the infield.

2 RBI, come-from-behind, timely hit.

I had a lot of trouble because I had no hits in the last 6 games, but I shook it off coolly.

Kim Ha-seong, who showed off a neat third base defense, was also selected as a game-distinguished player.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego]
“I was worried and impatient because I didn’t get a hit in 16 at-bats, but I think it was a good hit when I went in confidently (at-bat) thinking it was time to come out (a hit).”


Next, let’s go to the Bundesliga.

A cross from the right landed in front of Lee Jae-seong’s feet, and he shot!

The goalkeeper manages to block it, but a teammate equalizes it.

It was a moment where Lee Jae-sung’s concentration stood out.

Mainz scored two more goals.

3-1 come-from-behind victory over giants Munich and rejoice with the fans.


Last is the Premier League.

Liverpool and Nottingham exchanged one goal each.

Liverpool wanted to run away with a left-footed volley, but Nottingham followed up with a fantastic volley.

But Liverpool have Salah.

Rescue your team from danger with your fixer instinct.

The gap with Newcastle in 4th place is already 6 points.

Will they succeed in rebounding at the end of the season?

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