Sajik Commercial Area, Lotte Special ‘sales home run’ dream

On the 14th, Lee Myeong-geun (49), who runs a chicken restaurant near Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan, expressed his anticipation. It is inflated with the dream of increasing sales according to the ‘normalization of baseball game viewing’.

This season, the KBO League can support ‘No Mask’ and fostering from the opening game held on April 1st. Previously, the obligation to wear a mask in the baseball field was lifted from September of last year, but Lotte fans who did not enjoy ‘fall baseball’ left regrets because they could not enjoy their own cheering culture. However, from this year, the old cheering culture is revived, and baseball fans looking for Sajik Stadium are expected to increase, and the surrounding commercial districts are expected to become lively. Mr. Lee said, “As matches continued without spectators due to Corona 19, the surrounding commercial districts completely collapsed. Merchants call the past two years the ‘dark period’. If Lotte makes good grades, I think it will be able to recover sales before the corona,” he expressed hope.

Other merchants also couldn’t hide their excitement. The surrounding commercial districts enjoyed a special ‘sparkle’ during the retirement game of Lee Dae-ho, the ‘4th hitter of Joseon’ last year. Mr. Park (50), who runs a rice bowl restaurant, said, “In fact, Lee Dae-ho’s last game was a very special case, so that it only happens once every three years. There was almost no sales on other days,” he said. “This year, as the season starts, crowds are likely to gather, so we plan to increase the amount of food ingredients as well as launch new menus.”

The Lotte team more than doubled the number of cheering tools ordered from last year. According to Lotte, the first order of ‘Mini Cheering Mufflers’ this year was 2,000 units, more than three times more than last year’s sales of 600 units. The amount of orders for ‘knit muffler’ and ‘player support muffler’ also nearly doubled from last year’s sales of 1,100 to 2,000 each this year.

We also prepared new cheering tools such as cheering and sports cool towels. This towel is an alternative to the ‘orange bongdari (orange plastic bag)’, which was a representative cheering tool at Sajik Stadium. In 2006, the Lotte club handed out plastic bags to all spectators entering the stadium to reduce the overflow of garbage around the stadium, and some cheered with the bags on their heads, establishing it as a cheering culture. However, as the use of bags was banned according to Busan City’s eco-friendly policy, the ‘bongdari cheering’ disappeared from 2021. 바카라사이트

A Lotte official said, “Last year, Dae-ho Lee and Dong-hee Han’s jerseys sold the most, and I am looking forward to seeing what products will be sold this year.” Sales of goods such as tools and uniforms will also increase significantly,” he predicted.

Meanwhile, Lotte, which is in the middle of the 1st spring camp in Guam, USA, is moving to Okinawa, Japan, the 3rd battery training site, on the 28th for a practice match against the Samsung Lions to check its first actual match. After returning to Korea, he will play the opening game against Doosan Bears at Sajik Stadium on the 13th of next month.

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