Samsung Lions Okinawa Camp Keywords ‘Competition’ and ‘Training Amount’

Samsung Lions, the only one of the 10 KBO League teams to complete the entire field training course in Okinawa, Japan, is raising the mood of the camp with the strong ‘training amount’ and ‘competition’ that coach Park Jin-man emphasized from the beginning.

Following last year’s wrap-up camp, Samsung’s 1st and 2nd teams will continue training at Onnason Stadium and Ishikawa Stadium, respectively, heading to Okinawa for this spring camp.

At Onnason Stadium, where the first team players form the main axis, they are digesting an intensive course based on an increased amount of training compared to the previous Okinawa camp, and the tension of the camp is also high through the transfer of players with the Future Steam. 메이저놀이터

Coach Park Jin-man organized the atmosphere of the camp with the determination that ‘the 1st and 7th teams cannot handle the same amount of training’ based on the harsh reality of Samsung, which is distinguished by its relatively weak power.

Regarding the division of roles with head coach Lee Byung-kyu, who has just joined the team, he added that unlike coach Park himself, who is on the quiet side, Coach Lee Byung-gyu’s role based on active activity and communication has a positive effect on team change.

Samsung, which has been playing practice games with the Japanese team early on, suffered three consecutive losses, but coach Park Jin-man evaluated the team’s problems and players’ tasks through the process of defeat as meaningful in that they found them.

Samsung, which finishes its 4-game series against the Japanese team with the face-to-face match against the Hanshin Tigers on the 19th, will play its own blue and white match on the coming Wednesday, the 22nd, and practice with domestic KBO league teams against Lotte, Kia and Hanwha from the 28th. continue the game.  

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