Samsung, who struggles in the lower ranks, are people the problem after all? 

 The recent sluggishness of the Samsung Lions is not serious.

Samsung lost 5-9 in the home game against the Lotte Giants on the 15th, and could not continue the victorious spirit of the previous day. 3 wins and 7 losses in the last 10 games, and the season record is 4 wins and 8 losses, which is not very good. In terms of win rate, they are slightly ahead of the lowest-ranking Hanwha, but there is no game difference, so they are in fact tied for the bottom. At least, Hanwha is making up for some of the sluggishness in the early stages by continuing its recent winning streak. However, Samsung is solving the difficult game by giving up the game even with the introduction of ace Suarez. The mound, where there is no certainty in starting, relief, and closer, is a big problem, but the fact that hitters who were originally expected to fall into sluggishness cannot be ignored either.안전놀이터

On the same day, at the Suwon World Cup Stadium, a situation occurred that could cause an uproar among the home fans. It was because the home team, Suwon Samsung, seemed to take the lead with Basani’s goal in the 7th minute of the first half, but collapsed when they conceded 3 goals to Jeju. Later, Jeho Yoo scored a consolation goal, but could not turn the game around. Suwon Samsung lost 2-3. As a result, Suwon Samsung recorded 2 draws and 5 losses for the season, remaining the only team with Gangwon to not win this season. However, Gangwon has recorded 3 draws and 3 losses, so Suwon is in last place in terms of points.

Don’t you know the ordinary truth that Samsung Sports, which has collapsed in baseball, soccer, and volleyball, is also
run by people?

It’s not just baseball or football. Volleyball, which has traditionally been strong, has been degraded from the V-League to a neighborhood drum. The Samsung Fire & Marine Volleyball Team, which once boasted a splendid lineup such as Shin Jin-sik, Kim Se-jin, Kim Sang-woo, and Seok Jin-wook, fell into abyss at some point and ended up in the lower ranks. The Samsung Sports Team, which boasted first place in baseball, soccer, and volleyball, now has a common task of escaping from the bottom.

The reason Samsung Sports Team, which was pursuing first place, was put in this situation is simple. This is because, as the operating organizer was changed to Cheil Entertainment, the direction was changed to a practical investment rather than an ‘unconditional investment’. In other words, it is to reduce the ‘don’t ask investment’ that was implemented for the championship, and to pursue practical benefits by operating a sports team in a slightly more efficient way. It is also very common sense for a profit-seeking company to operate a sports team in this direction.

In fact, it is not that there is no investment in sports teams at all. Even for the baseball team, free agent contracts are made whenever necessary, and power is being reinforced appropriately. However, the issue of how efficiently the club is run within limited capital is a separate issue. From here, ‘people’s power’ is needed.

The fact that the scale of investment and the charm of operation must be harmonized to follow results has already been proven through the professional baseball ‘Kiwoom Heroes’. Kiwoom, the only one of the 10 clubs without a parent group, is operated under various partnership agreements. So, although it is always underrated in terms of objective power, Kiwoom laughs at these evaluations and maintains the top rank almost every season. Even if you have capital, how much and how to invest is possible because people do it.

So, in the case of the baseball team, many point out that the reason why they are currently in the lower ranks is at the front. A baseball fan who requested anonymity said, “Samsung’s problem lies in its people. To be honest, it seems that the general manager and the front desk are constantly cutting tails and hiding behind the scenes. I hope that Samsung will resign and take responsibility for the future of Samsung, which is currently disastrous.” He did not hesitate to make strong remarks.

It has already been revealed through experience that in professional sports, fans’ anger is expressed in a variety of ways when performance is not good compared to investment. In professional baseball, there were ‘garland protests’ or truck protests, and in professional football, banner protests/blocking of club buses were used as methods. There are times when it’s better to ‘express’ like this. It is even more terrifying to be consistent with indifference. In that respect, the Samsung Sports Team should listen to the voices of the fans when they are complaining.

Some say, “We (Samsung) fans do not want a group leader who can be called ‘Yong-jin hyung’ like SSG’s chairman Jeong Yong-jin. I hope you will give it to me.” Due to the nature of professional sports, where the group image is projected onto the sports team, it is impossible to just ignore the voices of the fans. In that respect, it seems certain that Samsung needs a change.

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