Sangmyung University Song Jeong-woo, “I want to learn the defense sense of Yang Hee-jong and Moon Seong-gon”

 “I want to study and learn the defensive sense of Yang Hee-jong and Moon Seong-gon.”

Sangmyung University has been sluggish for the past two years. There were more defeats than victories. There was no choice but to do so. In particular, Kim Tae-ho, 190cm, was the tallest among the registered players last year. Kim Tae-ho is also a guard. The only forward was Kim Chan-young, who is 186cm tall.

Sangmyung-dae, who used to be inferior in rebounding by 20 per game, relieves his worries this time around. This is thanks to the addition of Song Jeong-woo (192cm, F) along with Choi Jun-hwan (198cm, C).

Song Jeong-woo, whom we met in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, said, “It’s been a while since I played a practice game, so I still don’t have enough time and I’m in a hurry to play. The coach asked me to play something I had not done until high school, so I focus more and feel the joy of learning.” In high school, I focused on defense, rebounding, and dirty work, and shooting was my strength, so I boldly put it in when I had a chance to shoot, and I played inside and outside,” he explained himself. v

When asked why he chose Sangmyung University, Song Jeong-woo said, “Sangmyung University seems to give equal opportunities to all players, so I felt that was a big charm.” answered.

Sangmyung University has been training for a month in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do since the end of December last year to build up its body, and has been playing practice matches since February. Song Jung-woo could not complete his physical training due to an injury and joined the team training at the end of January.

Song Jeong-woo said, “I have a little bad knee, so I built up my body and came in.”

Song Jeong-woo, who started playing basketball in the third year of middle school, made up for his shortcomings by doing night training in high school. When he was interviewed in high school, he said, “There is not one player I want to emulate, but I want to be a player who can play every game in every position.”

Referring to the interview at the time, Song Jung-woo said, “At that time, I was the tallest in the team, so I played a lot of center plays, pops and rolls. When I was in high school, I could break through or swing, throw a shot, and even play outside,” he said. He is confident of getting into offensive rebounds, hustle play, and energizing the team.”

Song Jeong-woo said, “He wants to be a player that the team needs at any time, a player that is indispensable. Watch Yang Hee-jong and Moon Seong-gon play. In the offense, I look for Ahn Young-jun’s play,” he said. I want to study and learn the defensive sense of Yang Hee-jong and Moon Seong-gon, and I want to learn the breakthrough ability of Ahn Young-jun.”

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