Seo Yo-seop, who has grown into a Korean golf star, “This year is the unconditional prize money king”

‘Handsome’, ‘Cool’, ‘Good body’ These are the exclamations of fans’ words for Seo Yo-seop (27), the Korean men’s golf star. However, he said he wanted to hear that he was ‘good at golf’ rather than such flashy impression reviews.

Seo Yo-seop, who won 2 wins in the season at the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour last year and placed 2nd in the grand prize points, is making his final preparations ahead of the opening of the new season. His goal for this season is to win the prize money prize as well as the grand prize he missed last year. Seo Yo-seop is currently preparing to go to Oman to compete in the Asian Tour International Series, which starts on the 9th after completing training in Thailand.

Before the start of the new season, Seo Yo-seop revealed his thoughts on training and his determination for this year through a phone interview with JTBC Golf. He said, “I trained for two weeks from mid-January at a golf course called Royal Gems in Thailand, and the weather was good, so the training went well.

The following is a Q&A with Seo Yoseob.

Q You regrettably missed the grand prize last year, so it seems that your determination for this training session is different. “Yes. Of course, it is true that it is regrettable that we missed the grand prize. So, last season, we focused on the areas we were lacking in. Overall, nothing much has changed, and
I hope the season starts soon because the practice goes well.”

Both wins came in the second half of the season.
“It would be best if it goes well as soon as the season starts. There is such a thing as flow.”

Q Are you a slow starter?
“Yes. Last year and the year before last, I had good grades in August and September. That’s why people say I’m a slow player, and I want to do well as soon as I start, but I can’t do it my way. This year, it would be nice if I could explode from the beginning of the season.

” Starting a new season on tour?
“The Asian Tour starts the season earlier than the Korean Tour. So, I think being able to go to the tournament a month or two earlier is a big advantage for the players. “

Q What title do you really want to achieve this season?
“First of all, I regret that I missed the grand prize last year, so I really want to win the grand prize this year. And I especially want to be the prize money champion. was very low. It was a pity.” 안전놀이터

Q This year, by catching both the grand prize and the prize money king?
“How great would that be? (Laughter)”

Q Last year, you ranked first in a popularity survey conducted by JTBC Golf Magazine. Did you know?
“Yes. I read the article anyway (laughs)”

Q What do you think is the secret to your popularity?
“I don’t know. (Laughs) Fans say ‘I have a good body’ and ‘I am handsome’, so I am very grateful, but more than that, I hope that I can play golf well and have many fans who like me.

” There are a lot of modifiers, etc. What is your favorite nickname?
“Brooks Koepka is my favorite player, so I’m very grateful (for being nicknamed). (Also) I’m taller than other (domestic) players, so he calls me ‘Hulk’ a lot, and I like it. Of course, my own unique nickname is It would be better if there were. I hope the fans will make it.”

Q: Lastly, please say something to the fans.
“I will show you a lot of good performances this year, so please look forward to it. And I hope that many of you will come to the venue and cheer for the male pros and me. Thank you.”

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