‘Sexual assault charges’ ‘Nike’ tagged on Greenwood’s social media… Immediately denies relationship

All charges against Mason Greenwood have been dropped, but Nike, once his sponsor, has remained adamant.

On the 2nd (Korean time), Manchester United said on the club website, “Man United informs the Public Prosecutor’s Office that all charges against Greenwood have been dropped. The club is now conducting its own process to determine next steps. This is complete. We will not be making any further comments about Greenwood until that happens.”

Born in 2001, Greenwood came from Manchester United’s youth academy and was evaluated as the team’s future. In particular, he scored 10 goals in 31 English Premier League (EPL) matches under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 2019-20 season. However, he did not perform as well as he expected in the 2021-22 season. He only scored 5 goals in 18 league appearances.

There was also controversy. Greenwood, who was selected for the England national soccer team during a match A in September 2020, was criticized for sneaking a woman into the team’s quarters with Phil Foden. Here, in the Corona 19 situation, a video of holding a party or inhaling hallucinogens in violation of quarantine guidelines was released, which became a bigger controversy.

It didn’t end here. In February of last year, the British ‘BBC’ reported that “Greenwood was arrested on charges of sexual assault and death threats.” Her case became known when his girlfriend, Harriet Robson, posted pictures of her assault and audio recordings on her social media. A man believed to be Greenwood was recorded attempting to sexually assault him.

In response, the Manchester United club issued an official position, saying, “We will not tolerate violence of any kind. Until further notice, Greenwood is suspended from playing and training.” done. At the same time, he was suspended from participating, and he could not be found at the training ground. 스포츠토토

However, the official Manchester United website still lists Greenwood’s profile. He is also included in the under-21 squad. In response, United said: “Just because Greenwood is on the list does not mean that he will be returning. It is simply that he is under contract until the summer of 2025.”

The lawsuit ended with all charges against Greenwood dropped. As of now, no legal action is being taken against Greenwood. Since then, Greenwood has updated his social media profile entries. Here, the Manchester United SNS account and the Nike SNS account were added. Nike was the company that sponsored Greenwood before the controversy arose.

The UK’s ‘Independent’ said on the 6th, “Nike stopped the sponsorship contract immediately after Greenwood caused controversy over sexual assault. Recently, Greenwood added Nike to his SNS page, but Nike is thinking of signing a sponsorship contract with Greenwood again. He said there was none.”

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