Shoot and block shots in the AR world! HADO’s 2nd National Qualifying Tournament, ‘Summit’ Final Victory

 Reporter Park Jae-ho = The Summit, which consists of Jo Jae-min, Kim Hyun-min, and Choi Robin, won the second round of the HADO national team selection match.

The ‘Hado Korea Cup National Team 2nd Qualifier with STN’ hosted by the National Sports Promotion Agency was held on the 19th at COEX Convention Center Hall A, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. In the final match, Summit defeated the royal majors (Park Jin-woo, Sim Jung-min, Choi Min-hyuk) 3-2 and won the championship.

Hado Sports is an augmented reality (AR) techno sport. Play with the ‘attack energy ball’ and ‘defense energy shield’ through the display mounted on the head and the center of the wrist. The team that scores the most points by attacking and defending for 80 seconds wins.

◆ A total of 16 teams participated…Intense group stage and tournament matches

A total of 16 teams participated in this national selection match. The winners were determined through the round of 16 group stage, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. The group stage was played as a single match, the quarterfinals and semifinals were played as a best-of-three match, and the final was played as a best-of-five match.

Group A consisted of Tike, Summit, Royal Major, and Gong Oh-sam. In Group B, Daegu Family, Cats Eye, Physical 3, and Nday competed. Group C consisted of Balance Elementary School, Balance Middle School, Legend, and Uriya, and Group D consisted of Tigers, Pretty Boys, Shining Star, and Team This Man.

As a result of the intense group stage and tournament, the Summit and Royal Majors advanced to the finals.  바카라사이트

◆ Summit victory in the tight finals, one-step battle!

In the final, where the candidates for the championship clashed, a tight match unfolded. Summit gave up the first round, but the attacker Jae-min Jo’s nimble movements and shooting started a counterattack. Won round 2 and gave up round 3. However, he won the 4th and 5th rounds in a row and won a dramatic 3-2 match.

The winning team Summit will participate in the ‘2023 Hado World Cup’ to be held in Japan in April. In the World Cup, more than 40 countries, including England, Turkey, France, the United States and China, participate to determine the world’s best.

In the 3rd and 4th place matches that followed, Tike defeated 053 2-0 and took the final 3rd place.

◆ Commentator Yoon Yeo-choon “Hado, I’ll see you at the Olympics soon”

On this day, MBC track and field commentator Yoon Yeo-choon took on the commentary from the quarterfinals and drew attention. After the game, Commissioner Yoon congratulated the winning team, saying, “Congratulations on winning the summit. You showed great sportsmanship.”

He continued, “I think Hado will be adopted as an official Olympic event soon. Compared to other ball sports, the stadium is only 10m long. Recently, there are many empty classrooms in schools, but students can easily access them. I expect that,” he said.

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